CURSES!! >_<


Damn, I had this great huge text document which had my thoughts on anime from the previous season…AND I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT!!!!

I was going to work on it more when I saw a post in Anime In Progress titled “Best anime of spring/summer”, but I couldn’t find it! I then realized that I accidentally deleted it when I was getting rid of useless text files. I guess I shouldn’t have named it “temp”. -_-‘

Everytime I saw an episode I typed what I liked or what I didn’t liked about it. I was going to compile them and make a single post for each anime…BUT IT’S GONE!! ;_; I could’ve easily have drafted them here on WordPress, but I thought it would be easier to have them on a text file saved on my computer.

*sigh* Now I’m going to just make one huge single post and say a few things about the anime…I might not be able to say much because I forget stuff easily.

Uguu~ >_<

3 thoughts on “CURSES!! >_<

  1. That sucks. I thought about writing something like that, but there are a handful of series that I feel like I should say a bit more about. I’ve actually put off watching A LOT of final episodes because I want to write stuff up before… Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with stuff. -__-

    Go watch Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun. Brainless moe fanservice that is oh so awesome. ;)

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