10,000 HITS!!!

Holy Cr@P!! I have never gotten so many views in anything!! Not in MySpace, DeviantArt, or other pages! So I felt it was OK if I make myself a little gift! ^_^ That is a character I created for a contest over at DiamondFantasies.DeviantArt.com…click here for the original image. I started this crappy blog about […]

Lucky Star – Final Thoughts

I was a bit skeptical about Lucky Star at first. The first few episodes were slow and mostly contained a lot of “inside” jokes, but of course, this series was meant for the otaku! Those jokes were only funny to people who had experience whatever they were talking about {like me} or had seen it […]

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

We all know about the format war that has been going on with these two. What will be the next standard for video {or video-games}? Which one will replace the DVD? Only time {or the porn industry} will tell! ;) But I’ve been looking at their specifications and wondered, “Will the thing I wanted for […]

Lucky Star Image Song: “Kosutte! Oh My Honey” By: Hirano Aya & Sasaki Nozomi

I’ve been possessed by this song, and it is NOT because of Hirano Aya!! It’s because of Sasaki Nozomi and her cute “Pati” voice. Pay a listen to it and you’ll understand. I was going to skip on this mini album, but the Hirano Aya infatuated fan-boy in me urged me to at least listen […]