Lucky Star Ep. 14

We finally get new characters!! In this ep we are introduced to Yutaka Kobayakawa, Konata’s cousin, and Minami Iwasaki {Nagato anyone?}, who we don’t get much info on yet. We were told in previous episodes that Yutaka is rather weak and doesn’t really attend school that much, and that she’s full of ‘moe’ qualities!!! Neither of those are wrong. I don’t get the ‘weak’ kind of feel from her, she seems energetic and cheerful all the time! She also blends in well with the others characters, except Miyuki who Yutaka didn’t yet interact with. Again, I feel that Miyuki is always being left out, maybe Yutaka will fill that spot?

Like I’ve said, Yutaka interacts with the rest of the cast quite well, it feels natural. Nothing feels odd or out of place. She also admires Konata’s ability to do so many things and yet still have time for chores, Konata is feeling more and more like big sister!! To the point that she called Kagami and talk about the pressure of those cute eyes always staring at her with admiration, Kagami has no idea what Konata talking about! ^_^’

I don’t think I’ve said this in my previous Lucky Star blog, but I think that Tsukasa is the cutest character in Lucky Star, beating Miyuki’s ‘moe’ qualities. {But Kagami’s my favorite.} With Yutaka in the cast, I think Tsukasa will have some competition. No favorite between the two yet, not until all the characters from the intro are introduced.

I think the animators are still in their acid trip. The ED, yet again, has Shiraishi singing. This time it’s the ever popular “Hare Hare Yukai” By: Hirano Aya~♥

Oh!! And Akira is still pissed because she has yet to appear on the actual show!! I get the feeling she will get fired, they {the producer and stuff} told Shiraishi to stop Akira while she was going on and on begging people to vote for her to appear in the actual anime!!! ^_^

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