HA!! Meru ga Kiteru! Dore Dore~!

Suzumiya Akane

While browsing the internets and reading other people’s {anime} blogs, I came upon some very nice ringtones and decided to share them!!! {I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the blogger’s site…once I do I’ll be sure to give proper credit!}

UPDATE: Dec 03, 2007 – I found the blogger’s website!! CLICK HERE!

I’m not sure if people would actually use them as a ringtones, but hey, there are people who use things like rap songs as their ringtone…very annoying!! >_< It’s even more annoying when they take a while to answer their phone because they say: “Oh! This is my favorite part!”

Well these are short, so I don’t really think it’ll annoy anyone! ^_^ Besides, these are used for Mail Messages!!!

I remember that the blogger said this person was Suzumiya Akane from “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien”, which is why I have Akane with a cell phone up there!! ^_^

“HA!! Meru ga Kiteru! Dore Dore~!”
は!! メルが 来てる!どれどれ~!
DOWNLOAD (Right Click Save As)

“Shinchaku meru desu yo! Sempai!”
新着 メル ですよ! 先輩!
DOWNLOAD (Right Click Save As)

“Hai! Meru da yo!”
はい! メル だよ!
DOWNLOAD (Right Click Save As)

“Humu~! Atarashii meseji desu na!”
ふむ! 新しい メセジ ですな!
DOWNLOAD (Right Click Save As)

These were originally in .WAV format, but because it wouldn’t play on the flash player, I converted them to .MP3s. I don’t have a cell phone at all, so why would I download them to my computer? Well, I can use them on my instant message client and make it so that one of these plays for a certain alert!! Right now I have the first one set up so that it plays whenever I get a new e-mail on MSN Messenger! And I’m loving it!! ^_^ And I have the fourth one set so that it plays whenever someone sends me an instant message!

It’s actually not hard to make your very own ringtone, you just have to extract the sound that you want. I’ll leave you to figure it out on your own!!

And as an added bonus, I’ll give you some thing to use as an alarm. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will like this one:

“Asa! Asa dayo~! Asa gohan tabete, gakkou ikuyo~!”
朝! 朝だよ~! 朝ごはん 食べて, 学校 行くよ~!
DOWNLOAD (Right Click Save As)


15 thoughts on “HA!! Meru ga Kiteru! Dore Dore~!

  1. @§oL: I already got a weird stare and a giggle from my brother…who I let use the computer while I was eating!! I forgot to log off!!! >_<

    It’ll be a lot more embarrassing if was in public! -_-

  2. Wow ! this is a great set of ringtone you got there, thanks for the sharing. Now i got more japanese ringtone beside of just 3

  3. Thaaank you so much *-*
    I know, lots of time since this post, but I looked for it all over the internet. Thank you really much x)

  4. Yay!!!O(≧∇≦)O
    Thx for your file! Nayuki alarm..! Btw, do you have a tsukiyama ayu alarm? I wanna hear it, te-hee (^~^)

    I will check here again

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