Samurai Flamenco – Went Far Beyond

Samurai Flamenco (Samumenco) was one of many anime I didn’t pick up when the Anime Fall Season ’13 started. I was interested in it, but I was prioritizing other anime first as I don’t have much interest in super hero anime. It wasn’t until about four weeks after the start of the season that I […]

Non Non Biyori 04

This horrible, horrible, anime. How could it do such a thing? It gave her a (girl)friend, let them spend their summer days together, having fun, then it suddenly made her go away, back to her home? Without prior notice? You can’t do that! Just look what you did to Renchon!! (´;д;`) This was very, very, […]

Walkure Romanze 01-03

I’m going to say this is the surprise of the Fall 2013 season for me. Having no expectations whatsoever, not even knowing what this anime was, I found myself enjoying this way too much. I was very skeptical the first few minutes of this, I mean, it’s an anime about jousting.. JOUSTING. Doesn’t really sound […]

Non Non Biyori 02

Oh wow, that came out of nowhere… All of a sudden yuri! Not that I’m complaining, I welcome this! But considering the first episode was nothing like this, I didn’t expect any characters to go full yuri in such a short time. Was quite surprised and grinning from ear to ear!

Little Busters! Refrain 01

Little Busters Refrain? More like refrain from watching amirite lolol ok sorry. Serious now. I like Little Busters, it’s funny when it supposed to be, and dramatic when it supposed to, and all around a good watch. It generally follows that road every time a new arc starts. We see the gang enjoying themselves, having […]