11eyes – Enjoying it Way Too Much

Dang…poor Yukiko-chan…but you know, at first I think take this scene to heart. That’s because Yukiko is practically immortal, she just won’t die no matter how f*cked up she gets. So I just thought, “Heh, she’ll live through it.”

But then BAM, sh!t get seriously awesome! This is the climax we’re talking about, the last few episodes, 8-11, have had so much exposition and plot twists that I couldn’t wait for the next episode to air. As the anime is nearing the end all kinds of WTF and HOLY SH!T thing have happened. From berserk Flame Haze Takahisa, yandere Yuka, to the death of the Immortal Yukiko-chan!


Dang man, that’s one awful way to kill her, rip her apart and tear the immortal fragment right from her body. So evil…but you know what…the Black Knights ARE THE GOOD GUYS! HOLY SHIT! They’re the ones keeping the big bad of the anime sealed away and preventing the end of the world…there’s no way the Knights will let, oh wait…what is Yandere Yuka doing?


Okay, seriously, this was a huge WTF moment by Yuka. Why the hell would she wake the witch? She doesn’t care about anything other than seducing and slaving over Kakeru. Hell, she didn’t even pay attention to the fighting that was happening RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW because Kakeru told her to wait. I WTF’D.

This was only episode 10. The latest episode, 11, had a few more WTF on HOLY SHIT moments. Like the witch giving her thanks to Yuka.

Who says good deeds don’t pay off?

*sigh* I still think that was a stupid move by Yuka…what the hell was she even doing there? Because of that she kicks the bucket and the witch gets more power, sending Kakeru and Kusakabe out of the Red Nights and into the real world…or one of the real worlds. Apparently they’re all from different world and the world the anime has taken place most of the time was Yuka’s world… -_-

So in this other real world, Kakeru and Kusakabe plan to take down the Big Bad…I really ought to start calling her by her name, Liselotte. -_- So how would they take down Liselotte…by becoming stronger before the Red Nights come again…and one way can make that quicker.


Tearing it up with their lovin’

I’ll admit that I was a Kakeru X Yuka shipper since the beginning, but after Yuka got too clingy and went psycho, I started to lean on the Kakeru X Kasukabe…AND OH YEAH THERE IT IS!

I liked psycho Yuka though, I was hoping she would really go the yandere route and stab someone, but the worst she did was add a razor in her tea. Too bad she had to go before she got the chance to sta…


Now THAT I was not expecting. So much for the Eye of Aeon, it didn’t even see it coming! Ceremony didn’t work, so much for that idea…

But man, these couple of episodes have been so damn entertaining, lots of exposition and lots of crazy sh!t happening. I seriously didn’t think I would enjoy 11eyes as much as I am now. It was just a ‘hey, that girl looks cute, I’ll watch it for the heck of it”, now it may quite possibly be a favorite of the season. It’s THAT entertaining! The only way 11eyes would get that favorite seal is if it gets the BAD END.

The main cast are all dead, the Big Bad gets the Eye of Aeon, it’s over!!

Not quite…there’s one moar episode. Hope they don’t f*ck it up and make it as entertaining as these past few ones have been.

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