Hatsukoi Limited – The Better Complex?

Brocon > Siscon ?

When I hear or read the word “siscon”, I unconsciously roll my eyes and shrug with a “whatever” attitude, I’ve already touched up on why…well, that’s actually for Unrelated Siblings…I haven’t really seen an anime with a REAL sister or brother complex. But in episode 04 of Hatsukoi Limited, I got a bit of a taste of what a brocon situation would be, thanks to the cutie Koyoi!

I’ll be honest, I found the Koyoi part of the episode cute, despite having an overused plot device. But instead of a siscon, we get a brocon…[there is a sicon in here though]. You would think I would roll my eyes and have that “whatever” attitude, but oddly, I didn’t. I found the brocon actually entertaining.

Is it because I’m not ‘used’ to seeing much brocon? Is it because the other party [the brother] thinks it’s weird and odd? [Which is what I would expect.] Or is it because of the fact that I found Koyoi too cute to even think about the situation?

Being the moetard that I am…my bet is on the third question. Yes, I thought Koyoi having a brocon was absolutely cute, kinda like a puppy following around a kitty, a kitty that doesn’t want any of it! ^_^ It’s a complex too cute to think it’s ‘immoral’!

Brocon > Siscon indeed!! ^_^


Onii-chan no nioi~!


Delusion 1

Delusion 2

Delusion 3

Omesame kisu~

Take care dear brother~!

Okaerinasai onii-chan, gohan ni suru, ofuru ni suru,

soretomo a-ta-shi~?

Noooo~ Onii-chan is in love with someone else! >_<

Brocon Bad End




I shall attempt this “J-J-J-J-JAM IT IN!!!!” technique.

Though the episode was more on the Koyoi part, the true drama and juice of the story was the Miyamoto and Aihara encouter! Miyamoto experiences her Hatsukoi!

10 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Limited – The Better Complex?

  1. Proof why BroCon > SisCon….If i were a siscon, my sister’s friends will instantly get creeped out by me. If my sister was a brocon, my friend would give me a pat on the back and say..’Nice!’

  2. I always prefer brocon to siscon when the brother is either completely ignorant of it or has the natural, “WTF!?” reaction. The problem with siscon is that it’s usually the older brother having feelings for his younger sister and it comes out in such an…ew way. Usually.

    I think that siscon could be entertaining if it didn’t seem to be so serious and angsty in everything. Make the little sister be like, *smack “Get away from me you pedo” for once and then I’ll reconsider my stance on sison = fail plot device.

    Plus, cute girls can get away with so much more than what is usually a loser harem lead. And now my interested in Hatsukoi Limited is back so I’m going to have to catch up now~

  3. >> Or is it because of the fact that I found Koyoi too cute to even think about the situation?

    I have a question… Would you like to be in Yoshihiko’s shoes? ^___^

    And I like Miyamoto’s Hatsukoi side of the story. They have a nice love cycle going on there. Deadlock until a change of heart. :3

  4. I am the same as Fuyu. I always prefer brocon over siscon. As you can see already with Aihara, it comes out as icky, more so with Ayumi. But when it comes to Koyoi… it is really cute! The reason why I enjoy the brocon in this particular anime is not because Koyoi can get away with it though. The reason why I like it is actually because her brother is WTF over it… like how it should be. ^_^ Even though Hatsukoi is not very realistic in many ways, I do find Koyoi’s brother to be a very realistic character (both in his personality and his circumstances) and maybe that is why I don’t like him as much as the other crazy ones? I can’t even remember his name. XD Besoshou? Blah! I’ll stop trying. :P

    Nice entry! I want more Misaki/Aihara! >__<

  5. @7: Do you have a siscon?

    @FuyuMaiden: Like I’ve said, I haven’t seen, or read, an anime/manga with a REAL siscon brocon plot…they turn out being unrelated. So I guess because this is real, and the brother has that “WTF!?” and avoidance reaction, I find it bearable.

    But cute girls getting away with anything seems like my reason! ;)

    @Keiri: Hmm…if I was in Yoshihiko’s shoes…I’ll probably have the same reaction…”WTF!?” “What is she doing now?” “sigh”…etc..etc…And I’ll be fawning over Yamamoto!

    But if Koyoi wasn’t related to me…that’s a whole different story…stories you’ll find in Doujinshi! ;)

    @Minnie: I believe it’s the “cute girls can get away with anything” reason for your acceptance of brocon. Thinking about it, both Koyoi and Aihara-kun have ‘perverted’ intentions, but Koyoi’s seems more innocent while Aihara-kun’s more lustful…

    The crazy ones, the one JAMMING in lollipops and the one perverting over everything, are what make Hatsukoi Limited interesting/funny! ;)

    @Shin: ()====D

    @phossil: It works wonders on others…such as me! ^_^

  6. I remember reading Angel Sanctuary a long time ago. At least I think it was that. Anyway, a guy with a major siscon fins out they really ARE blood relatives… and goes through with it anyway. That’s about all I can remember… and some weird plot involving reincarnation.

  7. This ep was pretty nice animation quality.

    But for all that is holy, why does this feel like those damn soapoperas I hate so much?
    That girl likes that boy, but that boy likes this girl and this girl suddenly likes that girls brother that likes his sister?

    SPARE ME!! Give me one guy and multiple chicks anytime instead of this freaking “I have no fucking clue who likes who and they change it every single ep” type of show.

    It gives me a freaking headache to see and think about everything that goes on here!!

    I just hope we don´t get a school days ending to all of this. Would be interesting in one point of view, who can do the most harm and emerge victorious?

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