Little Busters! Refrain 01

Little Busters Refrain? More like refrain from watching amirite lolol

ok sorry.

Serious now.

I like Little Busters, it’s funny when it supposed to be, and dramatic when it supposed to, and all around a good watch. It generally follows that road every time a new arc starts. We see the gang enjoying themselves, having fun, then an episode or two later, we dive in to the story of whomever’s turn it is. It’s what I expected.

Oh boy did this episode not follow the formula.


OK, technically it did. They had a pancake party in the beginning and Kurugaya went bat shit crazy the second half. ALL IN ONE EPISODE! OH DANG!

Will admit though, how ever much I absolutely love that mad face Kurugaya makes and riles the M in me, I also don’t like seeing her like that. It usually means she’ll make herself the enemy. And for her friends, she’ll become a damn psychopath!







My mouth was wide open the whole time, absolutely frozen still watching this happen not even being able to say a damn thing, wholly dumbfounded. Even now, I’m still taken aback.

Kurugaya. Wow. Just wow…

One thing for sure, she wiped that smirk off dem bitches’ faces


Good riddance. Even I wanted to punch them…

Crazy start for the series’ second season, was thinking it would go down a few episodes later. But Little Busters aint wasting no time!

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