Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi 10-12 – Still Confused

I get the general idea. I have a light grasp at what was going on… but there are some things I’m still confused about. I tried to pay attention to try and shake off all confusion. It was a fruitless effort.


First thing is Scar.

Or in general, gravekeepers. What are they? Who creates them? All we were shown is that they are someway, somehow, materialized out of thin air via thunder strike. Not just anywhere though, there is a specific area they materialize. There has to be someone at work here, no?

Why do some gravekeepers gain emotions, while most remain emotionless? I can guess, but it’s just a guess… Ai’s mother also gained emotions, so I can only guess was because of love.



And second, come these two. Which I think is the most confusing.

Why does Alis have a physical body outside in the real world, while Dee is a ghost? Alis is the one who is actually dead. They even said his body might have already been buried by a gravekeeper, so why does he still have his physical body?

I can understand why Dee might be a ghost though. Class 3-4 is in a different dimension, caused by the combined wishes of the class’ students after the incident, her physical body remains trapped in there along with her classmates. She is part of that world, she can’t escape, so when she does, she can only astral project. I kind of get it… but that happened fourteen years ago. Dee mentioned she was called the Western Witch, or Whisper, who is rumored to be the reason why people with power caused incidents which are remembered through history.

So Dee can time travel?

I have no fucking idea…




This anime was beautiful to look at, one reason I kept watching, but because I couldn’t quite grasp what was going on, why, or how, I kept putting off watching the episodes weekly and watched them in bulks instead. I thought watching them back to back with no week between episodes would help me lose the confusion, but it didn’t help at all.

As for the ending, knowing how powerful these wishes can be, I kind of expected it


Ugh, resurrection.

Shitty ending.

God left the world, [emotion filled] wishes are granted, some people have special abilities, everyone is practically immortal, no one can die. Only way to die is to be properly buried by a gravekeeper. I can accept that.

Bring someone back from the dead?


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