Little Busters! Refrain 01

Little Busters Refrain? More like refrain from watching amirite lolol ok sorry. Serious now. I like Little Busters, it’s funny when it supposed to be, and dramatic when it supposed to, and all around a good watch. It generally follows that road every time a new arc starts. We see the gang enjoying themselves, having […]

Infinite Stratos S2 01

Cecilia is best girl in the series. Hands down. No contest! Welp, we have Infinite Stratos season two. I didn’t ask for this, didn’t hope for this, but since it exits, why not watch it? A shitty anime for sure, but one I can enjoy and absolutely love watching… or at least, to some extent. […]

Diabolik Lovers 01

Man, where to start? This was literally the worst first episode of any anime, I have EVER watched. I was completely flabbergasted for the whole twenty four minutes of this utter pile of garbage. Normally, I would stop the exact moment I stop enjoying the anime, but as I was live tweeting the episode I […]