Mx0 – Premature End


WHAT!?! WAS THAT ALL!? What about the rest of the story? Ugh…damn…and I REALLY liked Mx0… -_-

I don’t read much manga {or manga chapters} nor follow their initial releases {I prefer reading them in bulks}…so I missed the news about Mx0 ending prematurely. If I had read that, I probably might have prepared myself for the premature and unsatisfying ending of Mx0. ”’orz

Mx0 was actually one of the better shounen manga out there {by my tastes that is} and it had a lot of potential for drama and action…and comedy of course!! ^_^ I seriously was hoping for the Mitsuki – Kazumi – Hiiragi love triangle to get some serious development…or some comedic misunderstanding that would test their feelings. But above all, I was hoping for move magic battles and fights for supremacy…but alas, none of that will come because Mx0 has ended.

I will miss Lucy… :(


51 thoughts on “Mx0 – Premature End

  1. I don’t get it why are they cutting Yasuhiro Kano works short?
    I mean first it was Pretty Face now it’s MxO?
    They are I guess were now the better part of Jump maybe Jump just hates Kano? :[

  2. @Hei: I didn’t know Pretty Face was also cut short…I don’t remember much from it, but I do remember that I was OK with the ending. Unlike Mx0, where there were a few loose end that bothered me, I got a sense of closure from Pretty Face.

    Looking at the final chapter of Pretty Face again…I can see that there really could have been much more to the story…with Rondo’s “double life” and all! ^_^

  3. I’ve skipped the most part of this post as I’m still reading MxO; currently at chapter 90. One thing for sure, Kazumi is a lucky person to have survived so long. His lucky star sure is shiny too brightly to be true.

  4. The ending just plain out sucked. Love Monster is a really good manga… and it has an ending. If you liked MX0 but not the ending read Love Monster, that is a great read.


    I really liked that manga sooooo much! it was easily one of my favorites. It was making such a big impression in japan too! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?!?

    I wish they resume it some way later on, it had so much potential. we could have had him learning the magic, more test and trials to get better faster etc. then he could have gone back and eveyone has developed etc… They really made a mistake cutting it short =..(

  6. between the two Mx0 ended more badly than pretty face though pretty face’s ending was a disappointment but in the end you’ll get over it but after you read and loved Mx0 you feel that comparing their endings “Mx0’s ending SUCKED IN EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!! its douchiness is LIKE THE STUFF OF LEGENDS” and yes it was kinda anti climactic. . . . . .the only reason i could think is that the author is in conflict with itself on how to end the series. . . . . o maybe it was just got canned too early . . . . . . all said and done it was still one of the best shounen/action-comedy,ecchi mangas i actually read hands down!!!!

  7. It cannot be finished. it has potential for many thing ,even A good villain dark lord .most of thing were not explained -story of principal’s father-if one wish is really granted-why few are allowed to retain their memories etc,etc.
    IT was one of my best manga. it could have come on top if it was continued
    ending it is too cruel,YES CRUEL!!!!!!

  8. i agree. the ending is just too cruel. why couldnt they make a second series of his life in the new school!!! i searched the whole net on mx0 2 but …
    anyway, the school in mx0 was my dream school. god… I am SOOO gonna miss mx0

  9. WHAT THE HELL?!? THAT WAS IT?!?! Mannn..I spent two days reading the manga from start to end..and when I got to the final chapter, it just says “Thanks for reading”. GAH! I was so interested in it!! I was drawn into it! And WHY?!?!? WHY couldn’t they reserve some of the end chapters for timeskip to achieving the gold plate for her. WHY?!

  10. no….!!!!

    this was such an engaging story. I loved how the main char always relied on his own wits to stay alive. reminds me of the intense mind wars of death note (sure maybe lesser scale, but thinking moves ahead was fun)

    I could picture it continuing like naruto or whatever..

    I imagined it could perfectly translate into a video game, movies, card games, the works!.. is a shame

  11. i remember i read the last chapter for mx0, thinking that there would be another one…and then waiting for a week before looking back to find that it was cut….honestly. i just sat there, i looked around, and i cried….i honestly cried. Mx0 was one of the greatest mangas ive ever read….and just as revivemx0 said…i could easily immagine games, movies and stuff coming out for it…like…an rpg where you collect different magics in your black card, or you live in a second generation, and build your own magic inventory……..why did they cut it?!?! WHYYYYYYY

  12. I wonder if there’s gonna be a sequel? Maybe Jump will get Kano back and then they might actually develop the story further. HOPE!

  13. I LOVE this manga !!!!!! But i hate the ending , It End too FAST ….
    The story is nice and better than bleach !!!

    As for this manga, the main character is damn smart and funny … Especially the part, he trick the balloon girl at the races (u knw which chap) ..Haha ..

    I dun get it …Even though Japanese dun like it ,at least go on for the all the people in the world …Some1 tell the Author to continue PLZZ …

    I wan2 see Taiga Kuzumi return back 2 school ….
    I wan2 see wat words is he goin2 tell Aika Hiiragi …
    I wan2 see the MO Lvl 2- 10 …
    I wan2 see hw he achieve a gold plate ….
    I wan2 see hw Aika Hiiragi obtain her wish …
    I wan2 see more examination …
    I wan2 see hw Taiga use the Dark Gold Plate …
    I wan2 see the last and final 3rd year at the school …

    There are so many things that hv nt been told …
    Haizzz …

  14. I think Mx0 was the best series ever. I hope that it will continue from when he comes back from the other school. Is there any way to help the mangaka to continue the story?

  15. Yea i was really ticked off that Mx0 had this type of ending because there were so many things left out. and i thought it was just getting good too he just got the kind of plate that could use magic but then it ends!?!?!? wtf is that?!?! is there every going to be a continuation because there is so much potential in this series and yea i also think that the magazine that it was published in just doesnt like the author. but seriously I WANT MORE so badly i want to see the obvious love triangle work itself out even though its pretty obvious what would have happened and i want to see more badass magic spells ugh this pisses me off just thinking about it ASGJGDK:G:DFK oh well nothing i can do thank for letting me rant

  16. Man, I was so disappointed when they canceled this last year. I really cant see why it wasnt popular with the Japanese crowd, I personally loved it.

  17. Personally, I’ve recommended this manga (half-heartedly cause of the ending) to more than 17 people, and i’ve read this more than 5 times over a period of 2 years. This is one helluv a great story, and i was INTO IT. This was one of the VERY few mangas I ever really liked. Before I started reading Mx0, I looked at the number of chapters that it had. I thought to myself, “Wow, 99 chapters, not so bad. Maybe this is one of those ‘yada-yada manga’ and I’ll get through all the chapters so fast I don’t know what’s happening”. And even when it came to chapter 90-98, it felt like the manga was only at it’s 10%. I was DISAPPOINTED and TAKEN ABACK when I reached the last page of chapter 99. I frantically clicked the picture to go to the next page. Alas, I’ve been scammed of a great imagination and storyline. It was a great start, but a false ‘promise’. I personally cried when I reached the last page, and I sometimes pray, before I go to sleep, that magically, Mx0 would have a sequel. It’s a great waste, and I hate being scammed emotionally. Tell me, who’s not caught emotionally in this manga eh? Haha! If I was capable, I would contact Kano personally. :\

    • People have contacted Kano. The thing is almost everyone of them read scanslations. That doesn’t count much for the author or publisher, does it?

  18. Its a manga that is really easy to pick up on and start a continuation. But i doubt those publishers in japan will actually give it a chance…

  19. MX0 had to have a premature end because supposedly it had low ratings in the weekly Shonen. Though i can’t understand MX0 having low ratings considering it’s an awesome manga. maybe my info was wrong? if anyone can clarify thnx a bunch

  20. Mx0 is one of my favorite manga all time.
    The End was premature. I think the ratings weren’t that bad, but it had to compete with the “Monster-Mangas” … Naruto, Bleach, One Piece …
    and Hell now you know… that it didn’t stand a chance, because of such a competition. it’s cruel to cut mangas, because they couldn’t go up directly against those big shots.
    Btw i’m reading Naruto and One Piece, too.
    But Mx0 being cancelled was a kick in my nuts.

    … rereading Mx0 and crying for more


  21. This series had so much potential for something greater and I was stunned when I saw how it ended O_O. I picked up a volume of jump at a Japanese bookstore once and Mx0 was something that really stood out to me, while flipping through the book.This was like, years before I found it online.I can’t even read Japanese and I knew that it was an engaging series O_O

    I’m sad to see it end like that….Does anyone think, the author might continue it in his spare time?

  22. I doubt it. Apparantly, a discontinued series rerelease is not likely. Afterall it have to go through the editors even if the author feel like drawing it again, and the editors prob will not let a discontinued series pass.

  23. Yes, we loved the series, but japanesse did not apparently. And almost none of us contributed by buying the manga,since it was not serialized, right? That magazine is pretty competitive; if autors can’t live up to the highest expectations in terms of sales, they are cut out.

    Rosario x Vampire and Girls Saurus had a continuation.

    So LETS nag the author and maybe some editors outside japan and maybe the series gets repicked.

  24. Mx0 was cancelled because it didn’t make it high enough onto the jump polls.(Feel free to blame Naruto and Bleach!)If I ever get rich I’m so fken hiring Kano to restart Mx0.

  25. naruto bleach and one piece are all in the cash cow stage where its just ah lets have this guy fight another guy and stall 50 chapters and its really all about the money so imo they are not nearly as good as mx0

  26. i know Mx0 ending too soon was a real disappointment. i was hooked from the moment i started reading it only to be shocked by the ending. i literally thought my soul would fly out from my body from the shock and disbelief of it…:( i want more Mx0!!!

  27. Double time all the previous posts… This is the 3rd time I have been sad enoght to cry because of damn cut. First they cut Air Gear the anime and i don’t realy like the manga since the action scenes are lame if not on anime (mind + magic battles like in Mx0 are exception to this rule) the secound was when i saw the end of Code Geass R2 (But the ending was the greatest ting I have ever seen so far) and now a third time i cry because of a manga that was cut short cause damn japanese retards can’t apreciate it’s awesomeness… It’s true that Naruto, Bleach, One piece are more popular but they don’t have this damn romance spark in them. This is the first time I saw a supreme Shounen, Magic, Action + Romance, Ecchi combination and it gets cut cause of what? Some retards with their popularity scales say that romance and magic + action is not good enoght to compete with pirate, shinobi or shinigami action??? Thats so damn DUMB!

  28. Just finished yesterday wow I was hoping their would be a season 2 but nope Jump decides to f us up the a Its like an hill you keep climbing and climbing than you just drop at the top jump I hate you

  29. Well finished the manga a few days ago …….. well as you may know I think jump sucks they just sent me to my doom they told me that theirs something they want from the top of the cliff and as I went up I was even more excited but when I got to the top I just fell off ……………. JUMP SUCKS

  30. I think the reason that it had a premature end was because he now lost the Magic Zero card after transferring. This means the Title can’t be Mx0 anymore since it doesn’t relate to the manga now. Though it was probably thanks to some reason such as unpopularity, not sure how it wasn’t popular though maybe at that time it wasn’t, or something that made the author end it abruptly.

  31. I love Mx0 soooooo much, I felt sad knowing that it was cut short. Not satisfied with the ending. :( how i wish they continue it or make a season 2.
    It is one of my favorite of course. One of the best manga I’ve ever read and I’m proud to recommend it to my friend. I don’t want it to end there. Please T_T

  32. yes… the ending is suck.. there is still so much that bugging me.. i really hope it is continue..if it can i want the continuation of this mx0. i really like this manga..

  33. I’m also with the rest of the people here, very sad, hoping for some TaigaxNatsumixLucy tsundere love <3. But as much as we complain, we can't do anything about it, as most(the rest of the world) didn't, or rather couldn't purchase the manga, as they didnt ship it in some places, like northern Europe (where I live).

    I am training in drawing mangas(each weekends) and so someday I want to continue the series(take this matter in my own hands, yeah baby!) but I am in university and studying programming… I will also, probably need to change the names because of copyright… NO card, or maybe AO Card… eehh…

    Contact me at although please do not have high expectations as programming takes tons of time and I want to get a job too!! I will spread some sketches at the end of this year (2012) on my youtube channel!

  34. this manga is a great manga i ever read, sadly the ending was too short, i hope there is another squel for this, i’m just so frustrated with the ending

  35. If I would ever go to Japan, I would go just to meet Kano Yashuiro in person and plead him to continue MXO and show him all the petition signatures… -_- And I would go to the publishing company and complain there too

  36. when i read this manga i feel excited when the story is about a student can”t use any magic eventhought he was known as a GP holder.But when read the ending i feel like that the story have cut short badly…..until i just fell like wants to Japan and face the author ask them why cut this manga…..

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  38. I don’t like the part where the main character, Kuzumi Taiga said he will tell Hiiragi Aika something after a year but then the manga ended without saying anything…..And the manga ends with Lucy there, not Hiiragi Aika. Plus saying *my dream to someday become a great magician * in the ending feels wrong.

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