The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Eris Family

Woah man! Huge revelation on the Eris family side! The mother and father of Lucile, Ferris and Iris were brother and sister! They wanted to keep the Eris family blood in the family so it would stay strong and prestige. Fellis was 14 and not progressing in her trained so was considered a failure by mother, so father wanted her to have more Eris blood and tried to rape her. Mother approved.

Luckily brother, who clearly has a sister complex, didn’t like this and saved her in time, by murdering both mother and father. This dude is something else, what exactly? Dunno, not even the Alpha Stigma could read him…or sense him for that matter.

The Eris family sure is fucked up and mysterious.

Also, Ryner learns of the contract with the Taboo Hunters and looks to have lost faith in Sion. I foresee more emo-ness from him…

This episode (16) was pretty awesome!

{This season sure seems to like incest.}

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