[Manga] Onani Master Kurosawa


What seemed to be a story about LOL MASTURBATING IN THE GIRLS’ RESTROOM, turned out to be a pretty damn deep and emotional story of friendship and relationships.

Judging solely by it’s title [Translated as: Masturbation Master Kurosawa], I went into this manga with the mind set of it just being that, A story of a guy masturbating to his own thoughts. And although it was just that in the first few chapters, the story took flight and touched up on other, more serious, themes.


The first, and the one leaving the most impression, was the bullying. Although I see this theme used often and know where, or where it might, lead, it always manages to leave an impression on me. Especially when girls are the bullies, girls are nastier bullies than guys…it seems they do more damage, mentally, than guys can ever do…

Well, thinking about it, what Kurosawa did to Takigawa was pretty traumatic, traumatic enough for her to be wary of guys around her.

The victim of the bullying, Kitahara, looks like a nice sweet fragile girl, but of course, that changes when the bullies enter the picture. Making school life a living hell for her, she can’t help but want to do something back…turning her seemingly ‘sweet’ character into a dark character. Those angry faces she made while talking to Kurosawa, through the bathroom door stall, had such hatred and animosity that you knew would one day snap and do something drastic. The fact that she constantly blackmails Kurosawa, she requests revenge upon students who are mean to her, is enough to say just how far she has been pushed to the edge.

Which leads to another theme, Psychology, or state of mind. Kurosawa’s state of mind was a bit more…extreme than others. Whenever Kitahara came with a request for him, the revenge plot he would always cook up always had to do something with his semen…of course, he is the Onani Master…but couldn’t he do something else? Like a different kind of prank, why did he always resorted to semen?

When he saw his first love Takigawa kiss another guy, his mind just exploded, rejecting everything and everyone he has come to know…or in Takigawa’s case…loved. Don’t wanna give too much away, but he regains his sanity and opts to change himself, which in turn gives him a the mental anguish Kitahara goes through…

Aside from those two themes, there’s also the themes of love and friendship…giving more depth and emotional attachment to the manga. Although he lost his first love, he learned to open up to the world and and open his eyes to see what lies outside his own cramped [girls’] bathroom stall, encouraging Kitahara along the way.

Onani Master was a great read, give it a try if you haven’t already. A manga about masturbation turned out to be one of the better reads I’ve ever done.

P.S: He scored a Tsudere chick at the end! XD TSUNDERE SAIKOU!!!

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