KamiNomi – Adult’s Prescription

lololol well, that took me by surprise, had the exact same reaction Keima did! We both expected something story related, something that had to do with the runaway spirits. But she pulls out a porno mag and she wants to read it!! Also, Urara, you don’t read a porn mag! ;) I’m starting to think […]

Nisekoi – What the hell!?

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!! Is it Kirisaki? Is it Onodera? Which of these two girls is the girl Raku made the promise with? Both have a key, he met both ten years ago. All he has to do is figure out who is, right? NOPE! Let’s add a third character! Goddammit.

Nisekoi – God Fuck Dammit!!

Okay, first, let me immaturely giggle at the symbolism and innuendo of the lock and key again. The opening image really really makes this shit hilarious. “IT WENT IN!!!” Also, it’s funny how the lock belongs to Raku, and the key to Chitoge. lolol oh man… And because Chitoge was too forceful… it fucking broke!! […]

Nisekoi – Popping the Question

Taken by the flow of the moment, Raku inadvertently asks Onodera if she’s the girls he made a promise to ten years ago… AND SHE SAYS SHE IS!! FFFFFFFFFFFF Now I don’t know what to think. Signs were pointing to Chitoge being the girl, now… I don’t know wtf. Betting Onodera isn’t the girl. lol