Catching Up to To-Love-RU and Special A

You get one guess at what he’s watching! ;)

So, yeah, I decided to pick these up from their grave and continue watching them. I really don’t know what made me do it, but well, I did it. And although there were some stuff between the latest episode and the one I left off at…I wanted to write about the latest episodes for they had some good…better, things to them.

I’m sleep depraved…so excuse any nonsense…if any! Never mind, I saved it as a draft and edited it after I got some sleep! ^_^’

Special A


First off, I gotta say that I was surprised at myself. Before the episode started, I actually started to sing the OP! ^_^’ But when I realize this episode had a different one, I dejectedly said: “Aww man…”


Oh gawd I got used to Goto Yuko’s singing!! ”’orz

Anyway, the episode itself was great as there was some Akira character development. It’s usually the same ‘ol and stale Takishima X Hikari thing where Takishima does something that screams “I LIKE YOU HIKARI!!” while Hikari is just…well…Hikari. Though, she is starting to realize it ’cause she usually blushes! ^_^’

Also, there was some background on the Akira, Takishima, and Yahiro story…which I have been curious about since I saw Akira reaction to Yahiro’s name a few episode back. We’ll get more of that story as next episode continues where this one left off.



What I liked about this episode was that there was no weird crazy alien who came for Lala’s love. This was purely a Rito X Haruna relationship strengthening episode! It was a bit of a surprise because I thought there wouldn’t be this kind of episode…for a minute there I was expecting more Haruna R@P3…which I still got but wasn’t at the level of that tentacles R@p3…it was more, um, ‘accidental’. ;)

Well, I’m now riding on the Haruna R@P3 love boat and rooting for her to get some lovin’…um, the good kind! ^_^’

I don’t expect much from To-Love-RU but more Saki S&M outfits and moar Yui is something I WOULD expect! OH! And we can’t forget about more Yami-chan loli-ness! ;) What’s wrong with me…I almost forgot the loli! ”’orz

Final Note: Extra awesome points for having Haruna as the main focus for the new ending!!! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Catching Up to To-Love-RU and Special A

  1. “Also, there was some background on the Akira, Takishima, and Yahiro story…which I have been curious about since I saw Akira reaction to Yahiro’s name a few episode back.”
    It’s history and development like this where I wish one character would pick the other character instead of the pairing which everyone easily sees by default (if you get what I mean lol). Maybe I’m one of those fans who prefer the “tragic” type of character…like…Shirley *sobs*. Though you won’t get any tragedies in S.A except when Hikari dishes out her cooking.

    And I still can’t get used to Gotou Yuuko singing a whole song by herself. ^^;;;

  2. The only thing that can possibly draw me to To-Love-Ru is Yami-chan, but they way they drew her in the anime just feels wrong for some reason. She looks so much better in the manga.

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