Valkyria Chronicles – WTF FALDIO!?

W-W-W-W-WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING FALDIO!? I…I don’t really know what to say, this came out of nowhere…I was expecting him to like, I don’t know, tell her she’s a Valkyrie and to fight Selvaria or something. Dang, that battle REALLY traumatized him to make him do […]

Suisei’s Birthday~!!

It has been one year since my mascot Suisei was born! Technically, she was “born” August 2nd, but by the time she was only a concept and wasn’t really Suisei until I adopted her into Deciphered Melody and made her the Mascot! So today, August 21 is Suisei’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUISEI~<3! \(^_^)/

BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!

Well, so far at least, you never know whether it will suck or not by just a few episodes. But hell, if those few episodes were this awesome enough to make me wanna watch BLEACH again, then it is the best damn filler EVAR! I haven’t been following BLEACH [anime] ever since the Soul Society […]

SaiMoe 2009 – I AM BOSS WINS!

HAHAHAAH~~ LOL~~~!!! I really wouldn’t have done this post if not to spite Panther and if not for this: #BP @ – 08-05-09: I’m sziur_18 [01:26] [sziur_18] Oh yeah Panther, you said Kana lost the preliminaries right? [01:27] [Nicolai] Kana is an idiot, but she’s a tough fight [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Not yet. [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] […]