Suisei’s Birthday~!!

It has been one year since my mascot Suisei was born! Technically, she was “born” August 2nd, but by the time she was only a concept and wasn’t really Suisei until I adopted her into Deciphered Melody and made her the Mascot! So today, August 21 is Suisei’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUISEI~<3! \(^_^)/

BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!

Well, so far at least, you never know whether it will suck or not by just a few episodes. But hell, if those few episodes were this awesome enough to make me wanna watch BLEACH again, then it is the best damn filler EVAR! I haven’t been following BLEACH [anime] ever since the Soul Society […]

SaiMoe 2009 – I AM BOSS WINS!

HAHAHAAH~~ LOL~~~!!! I really wouldn’t have done this post if not to spite Panther and if not for this: #BP @ – 08-05-09: I’m sziur_18 [01:26] [sziur_18] Oh yeah Panther, you said Kana lost the preliminaries right? [01:27] [Nicolai] Kana is an idiot, but she’s a tough fight [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Not yet. [01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] […]