ARIA the ORIGINATION [Final Thoughts]

Coming full circle! ^_^

Because of this season alone, I proclaimed the ARIA series to be my top choice for “Best Anime Ever” award. I’ve watched a lot…A LOT of anime, and never once had the thought of giving one of them my own “Best Anime Ever” award. But I now give it to ARIA.

From the very first episode of ARIA the ANIMATION, you pretty much get what ARIA will be about and the pacing it will take. The best way to describe it is as a nice, slowly paced, beautifully animated, character driven, and relaxing anime. That’s pretty much all that ARIA is. An anime heavy on interactions and emotions between characters…and that alone is what I really look for in anime! ^_^

Both ARIA the ANIMATION and ARIA the NATURAL prepare you for the greatness that is ARIA the ORIGINATION. As you watch the series, you get closer and closer to the characters. Close enough that when they realize their dreams…you can’t help but feel great happiness for them…sometimes the happiness is so great that the tears just flow out naturally. Thinking about it…I think ARIA is the only one that has made me shed tears of happiness the most… ^_^

I’ve said it before, but ARIA doesn’t need anything grand and spectacular to make for a memorable scene. All it needs is a well planned scene with a beautiful scenery, a nice slow song, and the characters saying a few words…and ARIA had plenty of those during it’s wonderful run.

I’m sad there’s no more ARIA, but I’m glad it ended it’s run perfectly. If Ai-chan WASN’T Aria Company’s new undine…I would have gone berserk! jk ;)

16 thoughts on “ARIA the ORIGINATION [Final Thoughts]

  1. Any chance you happen to have a larger version of the top pick. Akari grown up and having the same Alicia pose was fun to see in the manga and here. I’m still waiting for subs to come up. :P

  2. aria is such an amazing anime. there wasn’t an episode that i didn’t love, and the characters were just amazing. but where the hell are my subs?!?!?!?! :'(

  3. @TheBigN: I stole that image from Danbooru and scaled it to fit here…luckily I always save a copy of the original!! CLICK ME!! ^_^

    @Dancing Queen: I ♥ Akari! ^_^

    Man, those subs sure are taking their time…-_- I hope we don’t have to wait a long time like we did for ARIA the NATURAL…

  4. ARIA has been absolutely perfect through and through. Normally series like this where nothing exciting happens (e.g things exploding) bores the hell out of me but ARIA is truly a special exception. And…it changed the way I look at life, especially Ep 7. Watching that flashback made me realize that I do need to take a break from all the stress as my usual days were pretty much hectic like Akino/Grandma’s previous career at Himeya. :)

    Now, the only problems with ARIA? Alicia getting married, and the Anime writers leaving out Alicia’s birthday chapter. I really like that story. (;_;)

  5. I’ve had this post written since the last episode aired, but was waiting for the subs to come out to unleash it. :D Guess it will be part of the unveiling for Tea Shop BeLoved v.3.0 ;)

  6. Subs for this anime are slow, but just as life in Neo-Venezia, I’m patient and I can wait.

    I’m grateful there are more than just a handful of fans that have discovered and appreciate what this anime is all about. Thanks to your blog keeping the series “alive” until fansubs complete, or better yet, it gets licensed. Hey there’s hope … Emma and Maria-sama ga Miteru got picked up, so why not ARIA?

  7. Emma and Maria-sama ga Miteru got picked up, so why not ARIA?
    … and the company that picked them up is teasing us about a new announcement on May 1.

  8. @deftoned: v.3.0? Does that mean a new theme? ^_^ I was thinking of waiting until the subs come out…but I decided to just publish it.

    @robin: Because unlike Maria sama ga miteru, ARIA has no ‘interesting’ {implied lesbianism ;)} factors for a licensor to pick up…

  9. I haven’t even removed the goggles! ^_^

    I just didn’t mention it because I don’t see a whole series being license from just one OVA! But then again, the manga is still being released here, so there’s a change the anime will be picked up!

  10. LOL! yuri is not a big deal in the world aria, remember there’s a scene when female students ask Alicia for her second buttom of her school uniform lol if you don’t what it means go to wiki.

    the ending with ai and akari feels like wanting more ep…

  11. I love this anime, I recently found it and for the past month have watched it online thanks to fans who have posted the sub titled version on Megavideo.
    The last episode I cried a lot in, and seeing Ai-can as the new Undine was just perfect. I love the grown up look to Akari and wish that they had shown the other girls as well. But one can dream.

    I totally agree that this is the best anime ever.

  12. damn, i was crying a whole lot on the last episode.. this is really the first time i cried in an anime not because of sadness but because i was happy for them… :) i have grown to love Neo-Venezia.. hahaha.. :P

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