More ARIA is always good, especially if it’s a filler special from the DVD that never aired!! ^_^ Though there wasn’t any Aika nor Alice goodness, usual Akari was more than enough. Well, at least for me since I ♥ Akari!! ^_^ Also, I enjoyed that little moment she had with Akatsuki at her secret […]

Favorite Anime Moments

This was brought up by “Ra[ze]-ha-ru” over at a MySpace group I visit every so often, that group is Anime in Progress run by figure maniac and fellow blogger Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures. This none other than a copy and paste {with a few edits} of what I wrote over there. I […]


Ah~ ^_^ The episode we all have been waiting for, the moment we’ve been dying to see after arriving on Neo-Venezia, Mizunashi Akari as become a Prima Undine!! ^_^ Although it wasn’t as dramatic or surprising as Alice’s promotion, this was still a joyous moment that fitted Akari’s calm and optimistic nature. I just loved […]

The Orange Princess

*Sniff* Omedetou *Sniff* I’m really, really, glad I decided to catch up on ARIA the ORIGINATION first. The anime that always makes me smile didn’t disappoint. With deftoned‘s teaser, I had an idea of what was going to happen, but this was a lot grander than what I initially thought. The word “Prima” was floating […]


I wasn’t really worried about what ARIA the ORIGINATION will bring to us, like Rosario + Vampire or Minami-ke Okawari, I just knew ARIA wouldn’t disappoint me. ARIA still retains the winning formula that it perfected thought the first two seasons. All it has to do is keep the same character interactions, same style of […]

Makino Yui’s 8th Single

Titled “Spirale”, will be the OP for ARIA the ORIGINATION and will be released January 23, 2008. Tracks: 01. Spirale (OP Theme) 02. Yokogao -acoustic version- (Insert Song) 03. Spirale (Instrumental) 04. Yokogao -acoustic version- (Instrumental) In similar news, ARIA the ORIGINATION will air on “Tokyo TV” on January 7, 2008 and probably my computer […]

ARIA Season 3!!!

“The October issue (on sale August 30) of Mag Garden’s Comic Blade magazine will announce that a third animated television season based on Kozue Amano’s Aria surreal slice-of-life manga was greenlit. Director Junichi Sato (Gate Keepers, Pretear, Princess Tutu) will return after overseeing both of the previous Aria television seasons and the OVA. The staff […]