Killed by Moe Overload…Twice!

“Hehehe~” Are you feeling the effect? The extra CLANNAD episode, much to my delightment, was about one of my favorite Nagisa moments from the game! “The cinnamon bread date” as I like to call it!! ^_^ Like your typical shy couple, Tomoya and Nagisa have yet to hold hands and would start to do so […]


Ah~ ^_^ The episode we all have been waiting for, the moment we’ve been dying to see after arriving on Neo-Venezia, Mizunashi Akari as become a Prima Undine!! ^_^ Although it wasn’t as dramatic or surprising as Alice’s promotion, this was still a joyous moment that fitted Akari’s calm and optimistic nature. I just loved […]

53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

Well, you’ve read my Top Ten Anime Songs {OP Version}, and now it’s time for my Top Ten Anime Songs {ED Version}!! I could’ve had this done weeks ago, but I neglected it and I was contemplating whether if I should also allow current songs to have a chance in being on the list. I […]

Spoiled CLANNAD just turned sour…

and I only say that because I put my expectations a bit too high. I was hoping for something that felt more like an ending, this, like the game, left a few things open. Like how does the ‘other world’ from Kotomi’s Arc fit into Tomoya’s ‘dream world’ or Nagisa’s play? Are they even connected? […]

Imouto Resistance +1

Why is it that characters with a {little} sister don’t succumb to the powers of the Imouto charm? Do they automatically get the ability “Imouto Resistance +1”? If I had an “Imouto”, would I also repel this strange ability that makes guys all over the world “Imouto-cons”?? {That’s right, different from “Loli-cons”!} Maybe it’s the […]

Amuri Promo Video

“The Japanese website of the Amuri in Star Ocean video anime series has posted a new promotional video (high or low quality). This “super-dimensional original science-fiction anime” was written and created by director Yoshitomo Yonetani (Betterman, Brigadoon, GaoGaiGar: King of Braves) with music by Mina Kubota (Kannazuki no Miko, Shattered Angels, Kaleido Star). It will […]