The Orange Princess

Alice Carroll
*Sniff* Omedetou *Sniff*

I’m really, really, glad I decided to catch up on ARIA the ORIGINATION first. The anime that always makes me smile didn’t disappoint. With deftoned‘s teaser, I had an idea of what was going to happen, but this was a lot grander than what I initially thought. The word “Prima” was floating around in the back of my head as I was watching the episodes, and I thought it was for either Akari or Aika. More so Aika because if it’s Akari, the series would end right? Besides, episode 5 had a lot of Aika/Akira development {and the most “Hazukashii serifu kinshi!” lines in any episode ^_^}.

But during Athena’s ‘amnesia’ episode, another emotionally driven episode, Alice suddenly came to mind and the word “Prima” flew out of my head and replaced by “Single” by the time episode 09 started. As Athena and Alice rode along the canal to the water gate, I knew that Alice was going to get promoted to a Single. Seeing those windmills brought back that joyous feeling I had when I watched Akari row in the same canal, but this time, the Sempai and Kouhai weren’t alone. Akari and Aika {along with other people} were there to witness their precious friend being promoted to a single. And how perfect was it that in the whole scene and the skies where dyed in orange color?


They weren’t there for Akari’s promotion…so…that can only mean…

This great moment was made more awesome by having Alice sing and having some important flashbacks. From her initial meeting with Akari and Aika, to the previous episode where she thought Athena forgot about her, those scenes signified how she used to be {distant and alone} and how she is now {open and with such great friends}! And now it was time for her to join the ranks of a Single along with her friends…but wait…Athena had other plans!!!

I’m as confused as you are Alice!

I was happy seeing the first glove come off, but when Athena lifted that second hand and started to remove the glove, I was ecstatic! Never would I have guessed that Alice would be skipping the Single stage and become a Prima so quick!! You can imagine the huge shock I had as I saw Athena remove that second glove, maybe I looked like Akari and Aika!! ^_^


As Athena gave her the name of “Orange Princes” I was smiling ear to ear, but soon, as Alice jumped to embrace Athena, my body unconsciously showed the highest stage of happiness…before I even realized it, I was crying with a smile on my face. I don’t have to hide it, this was a really touching scene. As expected, ARIA didn’t disappoint in that department. I’ve said it many times before, but an anime doesn’t need all this huge action scenes or way dramatic scenes, a nice tender and touching scene like this is all that is really needed to have an amazing anime. It just too bad not too many people realize this…

This episode, this scene, this will definitely be added to my favorites of all time. Alice, from now on, will be our Orange Princess!! ^_^




7 thoughts on “The Orange Princess

  1. i’m waiting for subs but got the story spoiled to me by scott :(
    i was crying when i read his post concerning this episode and i got teary eyed again reading yours… I’ll be a crying fit when i watch the actual episode!

  2. I don’t know if Akari’s promotion could top Alice’s. I’ve seen the scans for both and even Alice’s promotion was much more stunning, at least in terms of visuals. Really other than the candy seller episode, all the episodes so far have been top notch.

    I am getting curious as to how they’re going to end it… like if are they going to modify the manga’s ending in any way. I would hope not, and I might be getting greedy, but I would hope they’d add a bit more to it considering that it’s airing a month after the last chapter was published.

  3. @Dancing Queen: I was going to hold off on it until it was subbed, but when I saw the preview for it during episode 08, I just had to see it!!! ^_^

    @deftoned: I think it will be a bit different than the manga, the manga didn’t have Ai-chan right? I think the anime’s ending will involve Ai-chan is some way.

  4. I cried tears of joy when I read this chapter in Vol. 11… ~^^~

    It was absolutely stunning and so emotional! Amano-sensei has this knack of bringing out the maximum impact of the situation with her illustrations. And seeing this event animated made my heart flutter…

    Oh ARIA… I’m in love with you even more than before. :)

    Welcome back! Good to read your posts again and yep, you did the right thing in catching up with ARIA first. This series NEVER disappoints. ^^

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