H2O: Footprints in the Sand 03

We all could’ve guessed that Hanami and Hinata were friends in the past, but what we didn’t know was why they stopped being friends. We were only given hints of a fire, which I thought Hanami somehow started…but no, it was the ‘rich’ people who did it. And the reason? They can’t have their Ojou-sama being friends with a commoner…it’s just because of social status. I was expecting something grand…but social status? Weak…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good plot device and I know it will play a major role, but the way EVERYONE treated her made me believe Hanami did something inexcusable…like burned something of Hinata and such…but just because she was friends with Hinata while having different social status is a bit disappointing. Besides, it was Hinata who approached Hanami in the first place!!

Also, what’s the deal with everyone treating Hirose like a king or something? Is he part of some sort of high ranking family? Even Hinata’s grandfather calls him “Hirose-sama”. For a town split between social statuses, you would think an outsider wouldn’t get this kind of treatment, so there has to be something to Hirose…

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