Mangaka-san to Assistant-san – The Best First Page EVAR

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san v01 c01 - 001

That sure got my attention! I’M SOLD!!!!

From the Creator of Doujin Work comes Mangaka-san to Assistant-san! A four panel comic about the life of Respected Mangaka Aito Yuuki, his lovely assistant Sahoto Ashisu, who would do anything to help her superior meet the deadline, and Mihari Otosuna, the slavedriver editor who would do anything to make Yuuki finish his work.

The comedic sense is like that of Doujin Work, though it seems a bit lighter, but with two chapters out, I can’t really be certain it will be lighter. What is certain though, is that with a first page as funny as that one, there is sure bound to be more funny inside! I’ll be catching this manga whenever I can.

Thanks to Kokuun [ffviiknight] for the introduction.

Before publishing this, I made a quick search for more chapters…but what I ended up finding was confusion [along with the chapters]. Apparently, there is a Tankobon [don’t really know what the heck that is I Wiki’d…] and a 4-Koma…A tankobon is a collection of the series…a Manga Volume if you will, used to sell the series. But the thing is, both of them are different. Chapter one from the 4-Koma is different than Chapter 1 of the Tankobon…I don’t really know what goes where…what to read first and what to read second…

Well, there doesn’t really seem to be much of a connection between each other anyways, so I guess it’s fine >_>


9 thoughts on “Mangaka-san to Assistant-san – The Best First Page EVAR

  1. Hey there! Thanks for posting about Mangaka-san XD Sometimes it feels a bit lonely scanlating it and getting only a handful or less responses from readers. The 4koma and the “tankobon” run in 2 different magazines but they’re…somehow related. I think both are actually in the tankobon but…I just called them tankobon and 4koma to categorize them :p

  2. The only downer when compared to Doujin Work is that we won’t see someone pure (Najimi) get corrupted. Aiko Yuuki has already joined the dark side. Also, Sahoto Ashisu is like the morally good mirror of Tsuyuri. Then again, there’s Fuwa…

  3. @Chichiwomoge: Well, for series like this, there doesn’t really need to have a “correct” timeline. Most chapters seems to reference themselves so it’s not a problem what is read first.

    But yeah, categorizing them that was is a good idea.


    @FFVIIKnight: You’re right…there isn’t anyone to corrupt…not even the new loli…

    @Gargron: Because it’s a 4-koma [Obvious Answer]

    @phossil: (.Y.) Dozo~

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