Ah~ ^_^ The episode we all have been waiting for, the moment we’ve been dying to see after arriving on Neo-Venezia, Mizunashi Akari as become a Prima Undine!! ^_^

Although it wasn’t as dramatic or surprising as Alice’s promotion, this was still a joyous moment that fitted Akari’s calm and optimistic nature. I just loved how everyone, from an unknown carpenter, to her very close friends, supported her as she rowed through Neo-Venezia while Makino Yui’s “Yokogao -acoustic version-” {my new favorite Makino Yui song} was playing in the background! ^_^ [Extra awesome points for that!!!]

Akari has always been my favorite {ARIA} character, her naiveness, her facial expressions, her “hahi”, her optimism, the ways she can easily make friends, and the way she sees the world and expressing it in the most cheesiest way possible, earning her a “Hazukashii serifu kinshi!!” from Aika, is what I love about her. She also hasn’t shown anger, jealousy, or hatred towards anything. Even though Aika was promoted to Prima Undine and was sad that Akari would be practicing alone, Akari only showed joy and happiness for her friend, she didn’t think about how alone she would be without Alice or Aika.

I’m glad that those three finally realized their dreams. Congratulations to Alice, Akari, and Aika!! ^_^

On this Aika note, I kinda felt cheated that no dialog was heard while Aika was promoted to Rose Queen {during the OP sequence}. A few words would’ve been good, at least on the part where Aika and Akira were crying…But at least we got the same Aika and Akira emotions we all love.

One episode left and this great series will come to an end… ;_; ARIA has never disappointed it’s fans and has given them what they wanted, and I’m pretty confident it will give us the ending we all want! ^_^

3 thoughts on “Aquamarine

  1. Akira crying was golden. Heck, that whole episode was awesome from beginning to end. But that scene with Akira was just so fitting. I need to go update my entry about this entry, because I glossed over that aspect of the episode in favor of Akari. O_O

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