Favorite Anime Moments

This was brought up by “Ra[ze]-ha-ru” over at a MySpace group I visit every so often, that group is Anime in Progress run by figure maniac and fellow blogger Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures. This none other than a copy and paste {with a few edits} of what I wrote over there. I was going to add some screen caps, but I remembered most of my archived anime is gone… ”’orz

So this is just a plain boring image less post about my favorite moments in anime.

Angelic Layer

Misaki and Shuuko’s reunion.

Shuuko, the best deus in the anime, declared that she was Misaki’s mother. Misaki who hasn’t seen her mother since kindergarten didn’t know how to take it so she just ran out of the stadium…crying and thinking her mother abandoned her to play Angelic Layer…not knowing the REAL reason. When Shuuko found her, they both didn’t know what to say so they both cried under the rain. It was sad, but turned sweet at the cafe where they started to talk!

Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kai

The episode where they showed Takano’s harsh past and what she had to deal with as a kid. After running away from that orphanage, she got lost on the woods on a rainy night and screamed at god, daring him to strike her down with a thunderbolt. The fact that a small innocent child said it is what made it more memorable.


The Beach Scene.

On the beach scene, Misuzu has already forgotten everything and her real father was going to take her away. But has he was taking her away in his arms, Misuzu started to struggle and fell on the sand running towards Haruko. What came next was what made it memorable. As she was running towards Haruko, the music and all noise got turned down…then when it came back to normal the only thing you could hear was her saying “Mama!”. And man, that pierce my heart with joy and happiness that tears just naturally flowed. This is gotta be one of the best, if not THE BEST, memorable moment in anime!! ^_^

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Precia abusing Fate.

This is actually one of the hardest scene for me to get through, Fate’s screaming and the sound of the whip still shakes me up. But Fate’s innocence saying that it was because her mother loves her and would continue to do what she says is what makes it memorable.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

The ending where Fate and Nanoha exchange ribbons while Fate learns what a friend is and says Nanoha’s name many times. This was a tender scene by itself, but the fact that Tamura Yukari’s {sad} voice makes me cry no matter what anime she plays makes it that much more touching.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Berserk Subaru when Ginga got abducted.

Another voice that makes me quiver when I hear her sad tone comes from Chiwa Saito {Subaru}. And in this scene, she brought out not only a sad cry, but a desperate scream that pierces into your ears and unto your heart. And along with that desperate scream comes a revelation of what Subaru and Ginga really are followed by some example of extreme brute strength and what the Nanoha series really is. But what stays in my mind is the desperate scream from Subaru.


Full Metal Panic! TSR

Towards the end where Sousuke thought Chidori was dead. He was all depressed and lost his reason to fight, but he heard Chidori’s voice. When he turned around and saw she was safe, he was completely speechless {not that he talked much} and wide eyed, I swear I thought he would burst to tears. I sure was…He doesn’t really show emotions, but you could tell how happy he was knowing Chidori was safe! What followed was your typical Chidori X Sousuke scene! But that one instance of surprise from Sousuke is what made that scene memorable.

Scrapped Princess

I saw this a long time ago and don’t remember much from it. But I do remember a scene where Pacifica thought Raquel-nee died. Remembering how she screamed Raquel’s name countless times still makes me waver…


There’s no recent effects here when I say that Alice’s Prima graduation is such a great and awesome moment!


Kyou’s emotional breakdown when it was made clear who Tomoya likes…when people say or mention CLANNAD, that is what immediately comes to mind.

ef ~a tale of memories~

Chihiro tearing apart her journal…which holds ALL her memories of Renji and their time together.

I know there’s plenty more, but these are the one at the top of my head…and thus the MOST memorable!! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Favorite Anime Moments

  1. tsk tsk tsk 53rg10, its nice of you to input my idea into your blog although ommiting everyone else’s moment just to proclaim it as your own here. as deftoned mentioned it was originally from his/my group anime alternative, i merely copy and pasted it to see what input AiP had to bring.



  2. I didn’t say it was by Dancing Queen, I did say it was brought up by Raze…right? O_o And I linked to Anime in Progress because Anime Alternative is gone…{did someone take over it, it says “This is a private group”}?

    Anyway, I could have added everyone else’s moments in here, but nah, it would be too long and this is my blog so I just added my moments!! ^_^

  3. that’s a hard question hahaha. thinking of anime moments, because there’s a lot of moments that are really profound and too many to remember off the top of someone’s head. i think some of my favorite moments are oddly enough in all the really girly animes like sailor moon and card captor sakura and those aren’t even ones i watch too often!

  4. I don’t think I’d be able to come up with any sort of list myself, so it’s impressive that you managed to make a list even if it was off the top of your head. For the most part I would agree with you on most of those moments being really good, my favourite out of those would definitely be the ef one, that was just too emotional, also from that series I would add when Miyako was calling Hiro in episode 8(I think) and never got a response. That was such a great series…

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