Shinkuro’s Ability

I’ve been wondering what was up with his right arm! Now we need the explanation on HOW or WHY he has that thing. ^_^ I had high expectations since episode one of Kurenai, and so far it has kept up with them, in fact it exceeded them!! Murasaki {awesome name by the way!! ^_^} definitely […]

DaCapo II S.S > DaCapo II

DaCapo II’s first season pretty much shafted Otome and Yume and focused on other characters like Koko, the already forgotten Minatsu {I need MOAR roboto! >_<}, and fan favorite Shirakawa Nanaka. Also missing was the Magical {doom bringing} Sakura Tree, which is the focal point and cause of DaCapo’s story. No magical tree…no drama. But […]

Personal Record!!

Holy cr@p! That’s the fastest uTorrent has ever gone!! It’s usually at around 600kbps~1.0Mbps, so I was surprised a bit. Now I have a new {useless} record!!! ^_^ But it’s nothing compared to the speed I had on IRC the other day, believe it or not, it was at INFINITY speed!! Seriously! It had the […]

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 02

Click Image for Original Size …I’m shocked… It’s things like that, things that leave me speechless, those kinds of things are what makes an anime great. It’s hard for a COMEDY anime to implement both a serious and comedic tone without making it feel forced or out of place. This episode of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki […]

Shigofumi [Final Thoughts]

Alright, time to catch up and finish all this back log I had for a while. I dedicate this week alone to finish any unpublished blog post. The first one for today is about…well, it’s self explanatory from the title alone!! ^_^ Yay for recycled images! ^_^ For the sake of sounding redundant, I picked […]