H2O: Footprints in the Sand 03

We all could’ve guessed that Hanami and Hinata were friends in the past, but what we didn’t know was why they stopped being friends. We were only given hints of a fire, which I thought Hanami somehow started…but no, it was the ‘rich’ people who did it. And the reason? They can’t have their Ojou-sama […]

Kotomi’s Arc Ends

And it was a nice sweet ending compared to Fuuko’s bitter-sweet ending, and frankly, a bit less emotional. I don’t mean it wasn’t emotional at all, it was quite the tear puller, but not in a sad bitter-sweet sense, more like in a miracle happy sense. How else can you describe having a briefcase {that […]


At first, I was thinking, “Here’s another shinigami loli with white hair going to the world of the living to make people happy, so I’ll give it a try.” And during the first 15 or so minutes, it was just near or in the ballpark of what I predicted, but it had a little twist […]

true tears 02

“Iranai no?” OK! It’s official, I love this girl!! ^_^ We all could’ve guess that Hiromi likes Shin’ichiro and that’s the reason why she’s more reserved at home, and it seems now that they have some history together. And now that a ‘rival’ showed up, she starts talking to him a bit more, even asking […]

true tears

Here’s another romance anime which seems like it has a touch of the supernatural…and I’m loving it!! It just gives me “AIR TV” and “Kanon (2006)” vibes, which is a good thing. But I don’t think it will have that mysterious theme, like angels, demons, and stuff. That supernatural thing I mentioned is just the […]