Favorite Anime Moments

This was brought up by “Ra[ze]-ha-ru” over at a MySpace group I visit every so often, that group is Anime in Progress run by figure maniac and fellow blogger Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures. This none other than a copy and paste {with a few edits} of what I wrote over there. I […]

Tsundere no Koto

Back when I first started watching anime, my favorite character type was the shy quiet girl {like Hyuuga Hinata – Naruto} because I liked watching them break out of that character and be more open. Even now, I like seeing them come out of their shell and talk more often {Hoshino Yuumi~♥}, but not as […]

Shugo Chara! – Ice CreAmu

Is this what people have been raving and waiting for? ^_^ I can see why!! Things definitely have been moving with Shugo Chara, with some funny and satisfying fillers in between. And with the new Queen and Jack {who is falling for Amu-chan [who can blame him? ^_^ ]}, things seems like things will just […]

Shugo Chara! – Incest

EEHHHH!!!!?! O_O That’s a pretty bold move by Utau…but that’s not the thing that surprised me, it was what Ikuto said afterwards. “I’ll get mad because we’re siblings!!” Gaaaaa~n!! ”’orz “Siblings?” HOLY MOTHER F*CKING CRAP!! O_O WTF!? Huge surprising bomb shell! This surprised me a lot more than Nadeshiko’s ‘secret‘, the fact that Utau and […]

Shugo Chara! – Trap Surpise?

Nagehiko Surprisingly…I wasn’t as shocked as one should be. My reaction was just a monotonic “Eh…really?” I even bought that he was her twin… -_- Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really into Nadeshiko in the first place. It’s Amu all the way for me!! ^_^ Well, now that I caught up to Shugo Chara! {anime}, […]

Kurenai – Filler done right!

Usually, a filler episode on an anime with a nice streaks of great episodes dampens the enjoyment. But there are rare instances where this filler episode is so enjoyable it’s just feels it was necessary for future episodes. In the case of Kurenai, I think it was needed for Murasaki’s sake. She needs to have […]