Smile Precure – No Future

Emperor Clown has awaken, and in his wake, brought the world to a Bad End. It is now a desolate wasteland with no other creatures but huge giants roaming the lands. The precures tried to defeat those giants, but were unable to do a single thing, they would just endlessly respawn. There is nothing they can do, Emperor Clown had accomplished his goal.


Amidst the battle with the black giants, Pop accidentally dropped the Precure Book, the book which tells the story of the Precures… a story which had not finished yet. White pages awaited to be written on, white pages where the precures could make their own futures. But it was stained by the black ink of Bad Ends. But this ink is a little special.

It’s directly from Emperor Clown, and it has the same properties as him. Emperor Clown is the culmination of all negative emotion from people. Hatred, despair, sadness among others. And such a thing has dyed the pages of the Precure Book black, painting a black future for the precures.





I like those expressions. Having been showered by despair before, I though they would have a bit more immunity against the Bad End energy. But considering it’s from Emperor Clown, it must be many times more potent than when they first experience it (when they first became precures).




But no matter how dark it is… there is always a light of hope. A light to lead you out of your despair and guide you back from the darkness.




She kinda looked like Yayoi to me the first time. lol

Also, it was pretty bad-ass of Candy to just stand there, floating in the air, deflecting the attacks of those ink monsters while she was calling the precures in order to bring them out of their despair.

And when she did bring them out, and was about to take a hit, the precures power up once more:


And man, they wasted no time in kicking ass. There was no breathing room for Emperor Clown as he was pummeled left and right by the precures.

Holding nothing back! lol



*resist urge for another Nanoha reference*

With this, he’s pretty much done. The precures got their spirits back and are hitting harder than ever. With Emperor Clown in peaces and nowhere to be seen, it’s the precure’s victory!


Or not, he still has fight in him.

What can the precures do now? Do they really have no hope, no future?

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