Unnamed World – Hirano Aya

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a music post. There have been a few I’ve been wanting to write about…but I didn’t have the time {or resources} for it. -_- But since I have a bit of time now, I decided to once again write about an artist I’m expected to write about!! ^_^

First off, I like this short haired Hirano Aya! She looks more mature and less idol-ish…it gives her this ‘sexier’ look! ^_^ But, I must admit, I like her long hair a bit more, which made her look more ‘innocent’!

Hirano Aya has been jumping around the genre spectrum since her LOVE*GUN single. She has gone from Pop/Punk-Rock, to Soft-Rock, and then to Pop-Rock, making a lot of fans split into factions, those who are with it or those who against it. But she has taken major blows from the otaku community because it seems the otaku doesn’t want a seiyuu who also wants to be an idol…

But I think it’s a good thing she’s trying out different things, it seems like she’s testing the waters and thinking on which one she should take a swim in.

With this single, it seems Hirano Aya is deciding on what genre to stick with, both songs on the Unnamed World single are less pop rock and more soft rock…like NEOPHILIA. But I wish she would release an album so we could all know what she decided to stick with. -_-

Unnamed World” has got to be one of Hirano Aya’s better songs. It has a nice blend of pop and soft rock. Also, she sings in that sexy low tone voice that is highly liked by the majority of Hirano Aya fans. I wonder why people don’t like her “pop-ish” high pitched voice {a la LOVE*GUN}…she doesn’t sound bad at all. Must be genre preference…

The Engrish written “Maybe I can’t Goodbye” has me split…on one side, I like the lyrics, the sound, and the theme of it. But on the other side, I dislike the Engrish singing… -_- As much as I like hearing Japanese people speaking English, and as much as I love Hirano Aya’s cute Engrish, I just prefer her to sing in her own language… -_- But don’t get me wrong, it’s still a nice song to listen to! ^_^


EXTRA NEWS: This is unconfirmed, but it seems Hirano Aya is working on a full album!! ^_^ Yay! We can finally get a sample of what she wants to do and what she’s aiming for {musically}. The title or the tracks are all unknown, but it will probably be released July 16, 2008.


UPDATE: April 24, 2008 : Thanks to Hashihime’s info, the album is confirmed to be released on July 17, 2008!

5 thoughts on “Unnamed World – Hirano Aya

  1. Nice post. The date of her album is confirmed as 17 July on Lantis’s “unnamed world” page. But no track titles are yet available. And you can find the PV for “unnamed world” and the sound of “Maybe I Can’t Goodbye” on YouTube. Her pronunciation of English is definitely a magical mystery tour, but her musical phrasing, and the way she combines parts of the lines, works great for me.

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  3. i agree with u about her hair crop. her current hair makes her look more matured and it really suits her. i like her singing in hard rock song like love gun. her singing for suzuhi haruhimiya is good too. i like lost my music the most.

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