Kenkou Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho EP. 1

Fan service galore!! Also there’s some comedy in it, but you’ll be paying more attention to the swimsuits!!! Umisho {short for Kenritsu Umineko Shougyou Koutou Gakkou} is the name of the school the main characters go to, and it focused on the swim team. The manager of the team is Kaname Okiura, he had a traumatic water experience in his childhood and now is afraid of swimming.

The school gets a new female transfer student named Ninigawa Amuro, an energetic, super nice, and cute girl. Their first impression would be ‘weirdo’ because she arrived on the island on a floating log house!! -_- After introducing herself, and offering a live shark she caught with her bare hands, she is admitted to the school and challenged by Momoko Orizuka {captain of the swimteam and senpai of Kaname Okiura}…she won by default because Amuro hit her head on the wall while swimming under Orizuka and swimming backwards facing her!!

These screenshots don’t do the fanservice justice!!

Onizuka was impress by the way Amuro swam and spies on her to find her secret. She even tries to do whatever Amuro does, like eat a weird deep water fish and swimming naked. {Amuro lives in the log house somewhere in the beach that’s secluded from other people.}

I’ll keep watching this anime and hope it isn’t just a fan service galore!! We shall see if a good story develops from it.

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