Personal Record!!

Holy cr@p! That’s the fastest uTorrent has ever gone!! It’s usually at around 600kbps~1.0Mbps, so I was surprised a bit. Now I have a new {useless} record!!! ^_^

But it’s nothing compared to the speed I had on IRC the other day, believe it or not, it was at INFINITY speed!! Seriously! It had the words ‘infinity’ written on the ‘average speed’ part!! Should have taken a screen shot of it… -_-

5 thoughts on “Personal Record!!

  1. @Dancing Queen: I was almost arriving “BEYOND”…but the download had finished…Auuu~ -_-

    @deftoned: Get a better one! ;)

    @Setsukie: You should look around the web for guides on how to maximize your uTorrent’s performance.

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