Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Ep. 2

OMFG!!! This episode reeks of ‘kawaii’ scenes. Just like any other story arc, this one started with everyone enjoying school life and playing pranks on each other.

There’s really no story here until the very end of the episode, when it gets a bit serious. In this episode all they do is play “Zombie Tag.” It’s entertaining to see and very funny, but I think it’ll lose it’s value if I try to explain it here. But one scene that that I HAVE TO talk about is the scene where everyone was going after Rena, and Keichi was about to tag her {tickle in Zombie Tag} and Rena says “I trust you, Keichi-kun.” And of course you can imagine his reaction, he couldn’t move because he got stiff {in every definition of the word ^_^!!!!} Shion named it “Anti-pubescent male hardening magic” {Satoko and Rika don’t understand it…yet. ^_^’ }

It got a bit serous toward the end when they started talking about the mysterious death and disappearance around the festival. Also, Rika feels sort of down because she cannot talk to her friends about what is happening. {FYI: She’s the only one who remembers all the past “story arcs.”}

Rena and I make the same face!! ^_^

And who wouldn’t with these cuties~♥

“Penalty Game” FTW!!! ^_^

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