Smile Precure – Bad End Precure

I’m left wanting more. One episode of Bad End Precure wasn’t enough to show how potentially awesome they could have been. These are precures. They are the complete polar opposite of their counterparts and they have all the moves/attacks at their arsenal. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to see them perform a Bad End version of the Royal Rainbow Burst?

But the most we get, is see them perform their own version of the precures’ special attacks.



By the way, the bad end version of Peace is just as adorable as the original version. Maybe even more so!



She falls on top of Peace AND APOLOGIZES! She was feeling a little down for doing such a thing… and just when Peace was going to comfort her:






Although the Bad End Precures where pretty amazing and gave the precures a run for their money, they were used to by some time while the Joker tried to take Candy, who turned into the Miracle Jewel, for himself.

The Miracle Jewel can make any wish come true. And the Joker must have it because his wish is… nothing! He just doesn’t want the precures to have it and possibly use it against Emperor Clown! I find that very Joker-ish, but kinda hoped he had an agenda for his actions. lol

But he had none. And because he didn’t have such a thing, he also had a pretty shitty end. The Bad End ink dissolved him as Emperor Clown completed his reawakening… now the land is barren and the only hope is fully reawakening the queen after having acquired the final decor:



Wonder what she looks like. Way to end on a cliffhanger. lol


3 thoughts on “Smile Precure – Bad End Precure

  1. @53rg10 this little girl you seen in the preview and at the end of the episode is candy.and by the way are you going to review doki doki when it will air in february 3?

    • I know it’s Candy. lol

      As for Doki Doki Precure, I might do the introduction episodes, the middle, and the ending episodes as those tend to be the story centered ones.

  2. @53RG10 by the way in doki doki precure there is going to be things that never happend in any precure season for example the main leader mana is a student concuil president.i dont think there was a precure leader in any season that was a student concuil president and also how she will get the item which let her transform is completly diffrent from outher seasons

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