Anime of Spring 2007 -Part 1-

Well, I had this awesome text file about each individual series here with greater detail than what this will have, but and accident happened and I lost all of it!! >_<

It was my own stupidity’s fault, but oh well, let’s get started…

Oh! Before you get started, I’ll let you know that there aren’t that much images on this post. I typed it out first and published it…sooner or later I’ll add pictures.


Deserved its own post…or half of one -_-‘ Here’s its copy:

Kayo and Mugi about to check their results…and already vandalizing!! ^_^

Hitoria is about a first-year girl named Asai Mugi. She’s really REALLY shy/timid and has very low self esteem. She doesn’t speak much, and when she does, it’s in a low, shaky, and barely noticeable voice {except when talking to her friend Kayo}. When she learned that she made it into the school she wanted to go, she got excited and yelled in a resonating voice that surprised everyone who heard it. One of those people was Ichinose Nono, president of the “Drama Club Research Society,” she was amazed at the sound of the voice and decided to recruit Mugi into her acting club. Of couse, Mugi’s self esteem issues kicked in and she said it was impossible for her to do something like that. Only to give into Kayo’s and the club members peer pressure. And the rest of the series is about how she handles being on stage and how she fights to be more optimistic in her own self worth.

Mugi during self-introduction. Cute~♥

I thought this was a good anime overall. The OP song, “Yume, Hitohira” is quite good and really fits what Mugi is trying to achieve. And you’ll love and hate Mugi at the same time. She’s usually in her shy mode, and that’s cute, but when she’s in her her ‘low self-esteem’ mode, you’ll find yourself saying stuff like: “C’mon Mugi, at least try it before you say it’s impossible!!!”As I said, most of the anime is about Mugi trying to raise her own self-esteem. But there are also other things going on here. The club that Nono made is fighting to stay alive because there is already a {very popular} Drama Club. She had a fight with the president of the Drama Club and founded The Drama Club Research Society in defiance. There’s also some unrequited love between two members of each club, Chitose {from the Drama Club} likes Katsuragi {from the Drama Club Research Society} but he likes some one else and is. In a way, that love kinda helps Mugi along the way because Chitose will confess even knowing that she will be rejected. As long as the other person knows how she feels she’s in good shape…and Mugi is inspired.

Ichinose Nono, president of the club. Sweet girl…but don’t get her mad!! ^_^’

Kitsurugi and Risaki: Senior club members. || Kai and Mugi: new recruits…poor souls!!

All the anime following this could’ve had this type of post quality, if it wasn’t from my stupity! >_<


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Totally unexpected awesome series!! I gave this the boot before I even saw that first episode, it just didn’t ‘look’ like something I’ll like. But then Dancing Queen totally converted me, and I’m glad she did. It was your typical Shounen type anime but with a great story, colorful characters {literally}, plot twists, and completely over the top ridiculously impossible power-ups!!! In a good way! ^_^

The OP “Sorairo no Days” by: Nakagawa Shouko quickly jumped into my favorite anime song list, read the comment at the bottom. And it was great listening to the song during the final battle! It made the scene that much more intense. The animation was well done and, like I said before, it was really colorful. There might even have been colors I’ve never seen before.


Hayate no Gotoku!

I had my eye on this series since I heard news about it. I was reading the manga, which in typical fashion, is funnier than the anime. But I still wanted to see the animated version.

It started very good and I was happy it was following the manga pretty well. But then it went off and did it’s own thing, I can only call it a ‘filler’. But a filler for what? There really is no story to it…right? It’s just a comedy anime!

Anyway, it’s still on going and has yet to finish. But the new episodes are redeeming Hayate no Gotoku and bringing back what made it funny in the first place. Playing around and referencing anime. Like episode 29’s duelist battle!! I laughed my @$$ off on that one!


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

/fanboy hat on

This was one of my favorites series this past season. I can say I liked {mostly} all aspects of StikerS. From the intro song, “SECRET AMBITION“, to the new characters, like Subaru. We also get the grown up version of Fate, Nanoha, and even Hayate, though she really needed a transformation sequence and a lot more screen time…screw them numbers, give it to Hayate!! >_<

I loved the awesome battles, the plot twist {*Gin-nee, Gin-nee, GIN-NEEEEE!!!*}, the continuation of Project-F, and of course the transformations! ^_^

/fanboy hat off

But, it wasn’t completely satisfying. Nanoha A’s set the bar too high for StikerS, StikerS was barely able grab it and do a pull-up! And a pull-up isn’t enough to impress anyone. The introduction of all these characters and their desire for screen time was what the episodes where mostly about. And this limiter thing really did limit the characters and the awesomeness of what StikerS could’ve been.

/fanboy hat on

But I still love Nanoha and her white devilish ways. Starlight Breaker (x5) on Vivio? o_O WOW!! Her befriending ways are becoming more intense!!

And Fate going all Sonic Drive Form on us with Bardiche in Riot Zamber mode was THE most pleasing moment in StrikerS!!!

/fanboy hat off


Heroic Age

I only watched a few episodes of this anime. Somehow it got lost in the shuffle and I forgot about it completely. Maybe I’ll give it a go soon in the future.


Seto no Hanayome

The funniest anime in the Spring season! Funnier than Hayate no Gotoku, and funnier than Lucky Star!!

Every episode had something different for us, and sometimes it brought back old jokes and reused them only to intensify it’s funny-ness!! {Is that a word?} I couldn’t help but bust a gut whenever Nagasumi saw Masa and went into yaoi mode and ‘sexily’ called his name “Masa-san~!”.

I even found it hilarious when San-chan talked chivalrously while “Namida Ichirin” played in the background!! They’ll use anything to make us laugh. Misunderstandings, situations, cats {ep 14 funniest episode IMO!!}, and an un-named Iinchou!

There was a bit of story to Seto no Hanayome. And it was all in the first few episodes and the last few episodes. Everything in between was made to strengthen San-chan and Nagasumi’s relationship while making us laugh aloud countless times!


El Cazador de la Bruja/Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~

Two for one!! I have the same opinion on each so I merged them:

I found it boring most of the time. I seriously don’t know why I didn’t stop watching this. There really wasn’t anything there for me. Except the cute and moe inducing Ellis, and awesome OP and ED songs. But the man-made witch story and the journey to reach “Winay Marka” didn’t have anything in between to captivate me.

I didn’t even get the episodes, I watched this from my brother’s laptop via wireless home network while waiting for things to finish downloading.

The same thing can be said about “Sisters of Wellber”.


Next Part will include:

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo
Nagasarete Airantou
Romeo X Juliet
Darker than BLACK
Shining Tears X Wind
Lovely Complex

8 thoughts on “Anime of Spring 2007 -Part 1-

  1. glad i was able to get another person to watch GL, it’s such an amazing series. It’s on my top list of favorite anime now^^ I’m just really glad Gainax didn’t try and screw up the ending and mind f*#k us…

  2. Many people didn’t like the ending, they kept on saying that Simon should’ve stayed as the leader. But I think it was better for him to travel around and help other people, he doesn’t look like the ‘political’ type anyways!! ^_^

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  4. おっす!
    Thanks for replying in my new blog so quickly, I totally wasn’t ready to get a reader so early. TT_TT Thank you!

    I’m still trying to figure out how I will be writing, and I’ll be experimenting a bit. :) I’ve read your coverage of Saimoe (I’m voting in it too! Nagi’s got my vote since my absolute favorite, Misao Kusakabe, didn’t even get to the prelims as far as I know. <.< boo) and I’ll try to pop in some comments.

    I’m very busy studying, so I might not post as much as I’d like to, but I’ll try to make every post interesting.

  5. deftoned: Get on it! It’s a nice little gem of a series. Mugi and Nono are awesome.

    53rg10: I’m wondering what you were looking for with El Cazador. I liked it, but it was probably because of the fact that the show focused more on the characters, and less on the plot. I always like character development, and the episodes where it doesn’t seem like anything of great importance is happening are ones that I tend to enjoy the most. :P

    >>”But then it went off and did it’s own thing, I can only call it a ‘filler’”
    Whenever there have been stories for more than one episode, that’s been taken from the manga, so if you don’t like them, maybe the manga’s not for you. At the same time, there have also been episodes done by the anime production team themselves which aren’t from the manga, so they might seem more “off” when compared to the rest of the show.

    And I need to watch more Seto no Hanayome. I read the manga and liked it, but it seems like it fell off shows I was paying attention to. Everyone needs more Masa-san though. :3

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