*Blushes* ^_^ Click image for 1280×1024 wallpaper! ^_^ *Giggles* It’s not the anime itself, I just started watching it yesterday!! {It’s your typical romance anime where the guy likes a girls but is too shy to even approach her…the same thing can be said about the girl. That is until the Onee-chan come to help […]

Kimochi Warui…

That guy’s a freak. -_- So we have an episode dedicated to the creepy, weird, and disgustingly odd person who hits on Haruka the most without even talking to her…Hosaka!! Let’s take a look at all the wierd fantasies/plans he comes up with today to creep us out and defile our lovely bishoujo Haruka-neesama:

New Theme

That’s all…just a new theme! ^_^ I decided to go for something darker, which makes the pictures look better!! I chose this one because it was similar to the last one I had (Ocean Mist) it’s just a different color and different header dimensions so I’m comfortable with it.