It’s a New Year, so Let’s Set Some Goals

Which I will probably not keep. But it’s good enough to have some goals and direction even if I have no intention of fulfilling them! lol But really, I’ll try this time. Last time I wanted to read more Visual Novels…but ended reading only one (from all of these). ”’orz It was Flyable Heart. (Posts […]

Aniplex’s Crackdown Affected Me Too!

Wha!? WHERE ARE MY INTERNETS!!! …”In related news, online users in North America are reporting this month that they have received notices from their Internet service providers for allegedly sharing the anime Sekirei on BitTorrent. The notices are reportedly being spurred by letters sent by the copyright tracking firm BayTSP on behalf of a different […]

New Hobby

Nagato Yuki, SHE WILL ROCK YOUR SOUL!! As if I don’t have enough hobbies to waste time on, I picked up the guitar again. I haven’t played, or touched, a guitar since my junior year in High School, which was three years ago…which also means I completely forgot how to play it… -_- My younger […]

Animelo Summer Live 2007 – Generation A –

I haven’t seen the other two discs of this awesome performance, I’m taking it in one at a time!! ^_^ This is just {some, not all of} the performances from Disc 1. I’ll add images once I figure out why the hell I can’t screen cap!! {Alright! I Figured out what was wrong, it was […]

CURSES!! >_<

NOOOO! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!! I’M SO STUPID!!! >_< Damn, I had this great huge text document which had my thoughts on anime from the previous season…AND I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT!!!! I was going to work on it more when I saw a post in Anime In Progress titled “Best anime of spring/summer”, but I couldn’t […]

10,000 HITS!!!

Holy Cr@P!! I have never gotten so many views in anything!! Not in MySpace, DeviantArt, or other pages! So I felt it was OK if I make myself a little gift! ^_^ That is a character I created for a contest over at…click here for the original image. I started this crappy blog about […]