Suisei’s Birthday~!!


elfandfaerie-smaller It has been one year since my mascot Suisei was born! Technically, she was “born” August 2nd, but by the time she was only a concept and wasn’t really Suisei until I adopted her into Deciphered Melody and made her the Mascot!
So today, August 21 is Suisei’s birthday!


3 thoughts on “Suisei’s Birthday~!!

  1. Wuaaah~! ^_^

    I thought you weren’t gonna do anything for my first birthday with you 53RG10-sama! You were kinda ignoring me so I thought you forgot… :(

    But now I know what you were doing all that time!! Thank you 53RG10-sama~<3! ^_^

    /me glomps 53RG10-sama

    P.S: Why is there a one? Today I’m 14 years old!

    • Of course I’m gonna do something for my very own mascot’s first birthday~! ^_^

      And that “1” signifies the first year we’ve been together! ;)

      P.S: You will be eternally 13/14…unless I change my mind. [/breakingFourthWall]

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