K-ON! – Last Resort to Save a Club

“Eh!? I’m the last resort!?”

Yeah, when your favorite club is facing cancellation…you’ll do ANYTHING to save it!

I don’t really choose an I-must-watch-this-every-week-exactly-when-it-comes-out anime based on the first episode no matter how good that first episode might be…I usually give it three or four episodes…but there are times my biased self jumps out and chooses one! This season, it’s K-ON! Yes, my ‘biased self’ is a moe-tard and a KyoAni fanboy!

In a sentence, K-ON is about four girls with not much musical experience who try to save their Light Music Club from being abolished. That’s pretty much it…just four [cute] girls playing musical instruments and having fun, doesn’t sound really exciting, but it tickled my moe-tard fancy!

k-on_ritsu_iconEveryone is going wild for Mio…I can’t blame them, she is pretty damn fine…but I’ll be the odd guy out and say I like Ritsu more than the others…if only by a bit. Ritsu is the outgoing type, she is the one who wants save the Light Music Club at any cost…from forcing Mio out of her preferred club to accepting the moe airheaded lying dojikko girl Yui, her last resort!

And of course, she’s the boke for the tsukkomi Mio…is this why people think of Mio as another Kagami? I don’t really see it…it’ll probably come to me in more episodes. >_>

But for now, Mio = Yomi [Ga-Rei Zero] (based on looks).

Anyways, I like Ritsu because I like those characters that are out there and just do what they’re thinking…following their own flow and dragging the ones around her along! Although I say I like Ritsu, you will see me, more often then not, going crazy for Mio or moe-tarding over Yui! ^_^’

K-ON! may not be much, but I’m sure as hell will like it! (Hope that sentence doesn’t bite me in the ass in the long run…>_> )

14 thoughts on “K-ON! – Last Resort to Save a Club

  1. And I was wondering where I was going to get my Moe fix after Toaru Index ended. It looks my good old Moe-dealer KyoAni has come through again.

    Anyway, in Kyoani terms, it looks like Yui will be a cute mascot character like Ayu or Fuko. And it looks like Mio is going to be an awesome character like Mai or Kyou.

    PS: Ritsu bubble gum shot in the OP = Moe win.

  2. Ritsu is OK… I see her as an older Mashimaro’s Micchan, but as a bassist myself, I loved Mio from the moment I knew this series was going to be aired… and the first episode (and the ED) just confirmed that my devotion in advance was justified. So I proclame Mio as my waifu since I had a crush on her from long before.

    … lame comment is lame.

  3. KyoAni + music.

    Why do you need more? It´s god quality thanks to KyoAni and with their songs from like Haruhi they can´t do much wrong anyway.

    So of we go to wonderland of music. Hope to see you there.

  4. It’s got a pretty strong start and I like what I see so far. As someone noted, this show certainly knows how to push all of my buttons in a good way and I’m definitely looking forwards to seeing how it’ll unfold.

  5. “But for now, Mio = Yomi [Ga-Rei Zero] (based on looks). “<– Yeah, I think that too ;)

    Also, I’m in deep love with Yui… She is so pretty dumb that I can die of moe <3

  6. @7: Registration form where?

    @Roy Mustang: Generic character types FTW!

    @Netto: And Tsukasa boke-ness…

    @amalek17: Ritsu as an older Miu? Now I wanna see her face down on the floor! ^_^’

    @meimei132: Nagi…Kannagi’s Nagi? O_o

    @The Sojourner: Deny yourself all you want! We know your true feelings!

    @manga & Keiri & zzeroparticle: I too look forward to the songs, hopefully they bring more Mio style music!! {Like the ED}

    Mikan: Like Roy Mustang said, Yui is the cute mascot character~! ^_^

    @Shin: hnnnnnghhehdhhghhh’ed Indeed!

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