Doki Doki Precure 03 – Cure Diamond

I like Rikka more and more. She has the common sense I look in ANY anime character. Where Mana readily accepted an item from a stranger with no doubt whatsoever, Rikka question everything.

Why did he give the Lovies to them? What is his agenda? Why did he coincidentally appear in town along with all these strange happenings? And why did he coincidentally open a store in their neighborhood?

Rikka has all the right to be suspicious of all these things… she even tried to give the Lovies she received back to him.


I loved that! This girl is just too great!

She still held onto it though, and when Mana was in trouble protecting the feelings written in the letters the Selfishness was eating, she transformed and one hit KO-d it!

I was thinking only Cure Heart could purify the Selfishness… because of what Cure Sword said in the first episode {?}. By her reaction, I gathered she didn’t purify any?

Seems she doesn’t have that certain something these two have to purify them.



We have our third precure, and the fourth should appear next episode~


More glasses Rikka is always good~<3


3 thoughts on “Doki Doki Precure 03 – Cure Diamond

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  2. Hohohoho this episode! Rikka such a cool character and yes she did question everything about that mysterious blonde guy, who always comes off as strange to me, but for one he is not a villain cause why would a bad guy give girls Precure powers? I bet he is a fairy…yeah…and he magically moved in next to Mana? That was crazy! LOL

    Cure Rosetta is next and I can’t wait to see how she reacts to becoming a precure because the preview had her looking kind of badass xD

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