Valkyria Chronicles – Last Resort to Save a Town


I saw this girl and asked myself…why the hell would they hire a fainting weak-willed girl to be a soldier/watchmen? I thought it was to give some sort of “I wanna protect this girl” kinda feeling to the viewers, but then I saw the little soldier kids and realized it was more than that. If you have to resort to recruiting kids and fainting girls into the army…it shows just how much in a crisis you are, which made Valkyria Chronicles that bit more interesting to me. I like seeing the underdog town/squad/etc. rising to the top!

At least I Am Boss Alicia {~♥} is a bit more competent…


though a bit Kana-ish…>_>

By the way, I love the art style. Those lines in the shading have this visual appeal that…um…appeal to my eyes! ^_^ Very nice!

The scenes may be a bit LULZY…talking, laughing, and introducing themselves while getting surrounded and bombed? O_o Can’t it wait until they’re safe? …but I found it entertaining, was a good first episode.

9 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – Last Resort to Save a Town

  1. That girl is Susie! Haha, one of my favorite ‘Scouts’ if you will, in the game. And yes, the hatching (or cross hatching) on the animation came from the game too.

  2. the hatching looks way better in game.

    Alicia is soft and sweet.

    Everyone has his/her own strengths and weaknesses in the game, which seems as if they have taken over to the anime as well.

    Which is a good thing. Now I just want to see how they will continue to do this. One show together with K-ON! and Tayutama that I will continue to watch.

  3. Susie was fairly annoying with her tendency to faint. I’m sure that’s how she behaves in the game, but still, that schtick is going to get real old real fast.

    Whatever, I’m mostly watching this show because of the soundtrack. Fanboy mode engaged!

  4. @7: I read Susie as Suisei! ^_^’

    @manga: Oh…I need to watch Tayutama.

    @Roy Mustang: Paid for by the Miniskirt Lovers of Za Warudo.

    @zzeroparticle: And I’m watching it for the Marina Inoue! ^_^’

    @phossil: Uniform Pants < Uniform Skirt << Strike Witches Pantsu

    @Shin: Mai baka yarou bossu~!

  5. The villagers knew that their town was doomed, so all of the smart people rushed out and gave the stupid villagers the job of “defending” the town against the Imperial Army.

    What tricky bastards…

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