Editorial: Don’t bully my Yui!! (via Seanver Anime Blog)

One easy example of that attitude of the critics that I called "bullying" is their attitude towards Yui from K-ON. For reference, you should know the people/websites I'm talking about ;) I think that the kindest word the critics have used to describe Yui is "airhead" – and not in a particularly affective tone. I […]


That screenshot show my face as I watched this special OVA! It was both entertaining and DELICIOUS~ How long has it been since K-ON! ended? A season? I didn’t expect to miss the antics of the K-ON Club this much. Simply hearing Yui speak and being as carefree as always made me remember how much […]

53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Song {Spring ’09}

Pixiv Sauce: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=3542994 Although I listened to a lot of music this season, I can’t say I listened to every OP and ED for every anime this time. And that is because I was listening to THE iDOLM@STER tracks more than anything…and that was because I was, and still am, playing THE iDOLM@ASTER SP Perfect […]

K-ON! – Making ADHD Cute

LOL! A book on concentration? You know that book will never be read from beginning to end! ^_^ ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder The most common symptoms of ADHD are: * Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences, jumping from one activity to another, disorganization, tendency to interrupt other peoples’ conversations. * Inattention: easily distracted, […]

K-ON! – Last Resort to Save a Club

“Eh!? I’m the last resort!?” Yeah, when your favorite club is facing cancellation…you’ll do ANYTHING to save it! I don’t really choose an I-must-watch-this-every-week-exactly-when-it-comes-out anime based on the first episode no matter how good that first episode might be…I usually give it three or four episodes…but there are times my biased self jumps out and […]

Top 5 Anime Picks for Spring 2009 Season

Image Stolen From ::METANORN:: ’cause there’s where I saw it… The anime Spring Season is just around the corner, it’s time I jumped into the Spring List bandwagon and join the kewl kidz. As always, I’ll choose 5 anime from the upcoming season that looks interesting to me. This time around though, I’ll choose anime […]