Strike Witches – It’s always the innocent one

I’ll leave it to your imagination!


This innocent face was the cause of the chaos happening around the base.

With this episode we can scratch of “the case of missing/stolen panties” from the checklist. Strike Witches has been keeping the promise made since episode one, this anime continues to shove fan-service in our faces…and this episode is no different.

Unlike most people watching this, I came for the fan-service…really, is there any other reason?, and Strike Witches has delivered, but what about the bang and boom and sparkle that comes with the mahou shoujo and war setting? That has been missing recently.

Though not what I’m in it for, I find myself craving for some plot development…>_>

Dum Dum Duuu~m!

6 thoughts on “Strike Witches – It’s always the innocent one

  1. Who stole Erica’s pants?

    1) Its in her room; its so messy that she can’t find it.
    2) Others.

    It was rather unexpected, for her to be ultimate culprit. (: I lol-ed a lot for this episode.

  2. ^ Heh.. when you asked ‘Who stole Erica’s pants’ it reminded me of the South Park episode when Cartman tries to find out who is real father is. Hehe.

    I think many people come for fan service. Me… well when I download anime 90% of the time I don’t know what type of anime it is. I was in for a shocker when I first watched Elfen Lied.

  3. @Hynavian: I pick #2 – Other: It flew off while she was shooting down that 250th Neuroi!! ^_^

    @Humane: I do that too, I hate spoiling myself so I go into anime without much knowledge about it. And I also got a huge shock outta Elfen Lied! ^_^ I don’t do well with excessive blood/gore …so you could imagine my state while watching it.

    (By the way, I did manage to finish it all!)

  4. I do want to watch this. I just noticed the caption below the first picture. ‘I’ll leave it to your imagination!’

    She was drunk, she passed out and somehow she drunkingly stripped all her clothes off. Then a friend came by and ‘dressed’ her.

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