Twelve Anime Moments ’10

I was not planning on making this list because I missed the starting point, like last year…and this year I’m four days away from when the ‘moment’ posts are supposed to end. But hey, nothing says I can’t make one big post for all my favorite moments in anime for 2010!

I watched even less anime than ever…so there aren’t that many good moments like in 2009. But here it is anyways:

12. Ero Master Tomoki

A character type I don’t really like that perverted sidekick who is always failing at smooth talking the ladies. He always on pervert mode and is annoying…mostly because he doesn’t ‘fit’ the anime and the atmosphere around him. But what if that character is the male lead of an anime that is nothing but ridiculous fanservice?


He’ll do anything to get his perverted fix, and he has an Angeloid with magical world hacking abilities to bring all his fantasies come true. He makes everyone in the world disappear and runs naked through town, he, turns himself into a girl to peek at other girls, and best yet, he turns into freaking pool water to touch all the school swimsuit students!!!

And he doesn’t need Angeloid power, he even build a complex pipe and mirror system so he could peek at ALL the girls in town in the comfort of his own room!

This dude rocks!

11. Emotional First Clear

This may not be about anime, but dammit this was one of my personal moments I did this whole damn year. That’s right, the best thing I’ve ever done was clear Touhou 06 Koumakyou ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for the very first time! I was ecstatic!

Then about a month later I had my very first One Credit Clear!

10. Ryuubi Boob Calisthenics

Together Together 1, 2!
Shake Shake 3, 4!
Up-down Up-down 5, 6!

The episode had DFC loli cat girls ‘nyaa’-ing all over the place and all I remember is Ryuubi’s boobs~

09. The Mad Doctor

Dr. Ozaki is hands down the most interesting character in Shiki. And it was made that much more apparent in the scene where he was conducting experiments on his Risen wife…while she was still conscious!! He went through the whole scene as if he was experimenting on mice. He wasn’t phased by the fact the it looks like his wife, sounds like his wife, and IS his wife!

He didn’t even consider the Risen to be anything else but things to experiment on and to exterminate. Which is why he rocks!

And that scene was pretty gruesome and bloody…

08. Ginga Bishounen


The first part of episode one was looking pretty damn good. But once the words “Galactic Pretty Boy” were uttered, all expectations of this anime being awesome went down the drain and was replaced by ‘lolwtf is this shit!?’

So far though, the anime is pretty entertaining and enjoyable. Glad I stuck with it and didn’t let “Galactic Pretty Boy” scare me away!

07. Wish Upon a Star





06. The Aniblog Tourney

Ah, the Aniblog Tourney, it was fun while I was in it, which was not long because I lost my second round. My E-PEEN was sad.

It was fun for a while…but in the latter rounds it started to slow down, and I don’t even remember who won the Tournament but I’m sure it wasn’t Baka-Raptor…meaning the Tournament was fixed FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!


05. Ino Dwo’s Eyes of Awesomeness


These eyes eat humans and converts them to magical power for him to use. And what does he do with that power…ANNIHILATE A FREAKIN’ ARMY! Hella yeah!

04. Elementary Kids Playing with Nipples

Nipples the Hamster yo! Don’t get your panties in a bunch!

lol Naming this hamster Nipples made for some very entertaining and perverse misunderstandings/undertones. Mitsudomoe was fun, was laughing my ass off through the anime. Watch it.

03. Sora Don’t Give a Damn!

So big bro and little sister get caught having sex in the door way…rain on their parade. This would put anyone in such a relationship in shock and probably traumatize them…which happened to big bro. But what about little sister?


Right after the people who pissed on her campfire left…she got back in the mood and jumped on big bro again! lololol


02. Everyone Hates the Slut

B Gata H Kei was a whole lot of fun to watch. But one thing I remember about the show is that everyone hated Yamada before the anime even started. They read the synopsis, wtf’d, and decided the anime was not worthy of being watched because there is a proclaimed slut as the lead.

That was hilarious. Kinda reminded me of Kannagi’s second hand whore!

And the best moment in anime for 2010 is…on page two because I’m trying to be dramatic balls are touching.

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