[Unimportant Post] 53RG10 does a Loli…

EDIT: Is is just me, or does that title have this bad connotation to it? O_o

I got the urge to draw something again, so I started to look at my DeviantART gallery to see if anything would come to mind…and I noticed something, I have not created an ORIGINAL LOLI character! O_O I found that very odd, so I picked up my sketchbook and started to move my pencil. After a few hours, I came with this:

Info on my DeviantART page of this.

[After finishing the sketch and scanning it, I fired up Photoshop and lineart-ed it. Original sketch here.]

Her name is Suisei, meaning Clear Water or Pure Water. Since it was a spontaneous idea, I haven’t thought of a story for her nor thought up of a color scheme…let alone clothes! ;) I’ll do that later when I feel like it.

And, um, that’s it, just showing you guys my very own personal loli! ^_^

”’orz It’s sentences like those that that give people the wrong idea…

8 thoughts on “[Unimportant Post] 53RG10 does a Loli…

  1. @RmX: Ask your genderbending artist to give you one! ;)

    @Hynavian:: I have a kouhai now! :D I’ve been meaning to delete some of them, mainly the screenshots, but I’m too lazy…>_>

    @Aeldt: Ah! You’re right! Didn’t noticed that! ^_^’

    @Shin: Thanks! ^_^ I didn’t intend for it to be misleading…but oh well!!

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