Koihime Musou – Yuri Element Skyrockets!

The yuri element in Koihime Musou was more of an innuendo during the first three episode, all they did was hint at it and let our imaginations run wild, sometimes running to far…>_> But on episode 4, they just come out and fully expose it! Even if one is disgusting



I was hoping for a battle too, but I guess they can’t give the viewers everything they want. At least we get the SD scene in every episode! ^_^


If the anime was completely like that…I would still watch it! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Koihime Musou – Yuri Element Skyrockets!

  1. Hehe, the chibi sequences are by far my favorite part of the show too — the ending credits in particular are a laugh riot. Can’t wait for Zhuge Loliang to show up, though!

  2. I cannot wait for more horror on my side, considering my intense love for ROTK and the historical text. There’s no chibi-yuri by the way…at least for now.

    If it goes into chibi-yuri, I think my mind will have an automatic virus shutdown. Bah ^^

  3. Sousou is a misunderstood character or so it seems. She is a misunderstood character, she is not, erm she is. O_o

    It won’t be fun without Bachou anymore. :( I hope she rejoins the group soon.

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