Happy Halloween 09~

It’s the stroke of Midnight here, so it’s officially Halloween~ Ooooh~~ Well, as usual, I don’t have anything planned for Holloween, save for the image up there! I’ve been working on it for a while, yay for planning [like this post, it’s scheduled {I hope}], I gave myself a quick jump start so I wouldn’t […]

Suisei’s Birthday~!!

It has been one year since my mascot Suisei was born! Technically, she was “born” August 2nd, but by the time she was only a concept and wasn’t really Suisei until I adopted her into Deciphered Melody and made her the Mascot! So today, August 21 is Suisei’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUISEI~<3! \(^_^)/

[Random] Meet Kokido-chan!

Image Links to Most Recently Updated Version Say hello to Kokido-chan! The mascot of Kokido Kombine’s Image Gallery Site! If you don’t know, Kokido Kombine is an anime hosting site owned by 7, author of Exce7ion. But lets allow the founder to tell you what it’s all about: Kokido Kombine is a collective attempt (of […]

[Random] Ruri Kiraneko Fan-Art

Click Image for Full Version. This is Ruri-chan, the mascot of The Deathseeker, run by Panther. So after two moons of procrastinating, I finally decided to do the Ruri fan-art I said I probably would do. Nowadays, I RARELY draw anything…I’m too caught up watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, and other stuff…but once […]

[Suisei] Happy New Year 2009!

“Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu“ Hehehe~! I was so surprised when 53RG10-sama called me and gave me this kimono. Dunno what was going on, he said he wasn’t going to do anything for this day…so I stood there dumbfounded…-_- Anyways, I came back to the real world…er, um, that is…um, never mind to hard to explain…>_> I […]