Madoka Magica – Read the Fine Print

Miki Dies.

Oh god…seriously, Kyuubey’s contract sure is screwing with its contracted magical girls. Not only are they susceptible to death, but they literally get their souls ripped from their bodies and forced into another container [soul gem]. This confirms it…Kyuubey is Satan!

Which leads me to ask…just where are their original bodies? Kyuubey rips out the soul and puts them in the soul gem, the gem then powers the magically super powered zombie body he prepared. Is the body used as ingredients for the zombie body…or does he eat it?

My guess is eat.

Ah, also, if the soul gem is over 100 meters away from the zombie body, they die. This was learned the hard way when Madoka threw Miki’s gem into a passing vehicle killing her where she stands. Another emotional scar for Madoka:

No worries, Homura was the only one to read the fine print of the contract and knew what was going to happen, so she chased and retrieved Miki’s soul.

Now I know why Kyuubey only tells them about how contracting makes one of their wish come true and not the other stuff. If they knew…they’ll kick that hell spawn before he asks them to sign the dotted lines [in blood].

4 thoughts on “Madoka Magica – Read the Fine Print

  1. Actually, if you’re familiar with (old school and new school) D&D, you’d see that the situation Magical Girls find themselves in Madoka Magica is *eerily* reminiscent of Liches (spellcasting undead), down to a ‘phylactery’ which holds their souls/essences. The episode does go a ways to strengthen the feeling that Kyuubei is a bastard, no question, but evil? I don’t think he even understands the concept, in the same way how he doesn’t understand just why people place such importance on their souls.

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