I Have Completed my First Touhou Game

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Result Screen OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!!!!! I FINALLY DID IT! I FINALLY BEAT A TOUHOU GAME!! Compared to other people, my stats up there are piece of garbage, but DANGIT IT’S MY FIRST TOUHOU GAME COMPLETION RESULTS AND I’M GONNA COMMEMORATE IT!! Oh man, this game is hard. Seriously. Compared to […]

I Lost my Second Aniblog Round

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I was so close! Just 21 votes needed for the win! >_< This makes me sad, this means people didn’t vote for me because they hate my blog, so you know what this means: I AM CLOSING SHOP!** I will no longer watch anime and I will no longer be near people who watch […]


Pixiv Sauce I’ve been pitted up against Hyper Parfait in the Aniblog popularity contest Tourney! I can’t stroke my e-peen alone, come on, GIVE ME A HAND!!! Edit: Changed header ’cause peeps seems to have problem with pantsu :( (it’s okay, I like the new one!)

[Filler] A Bit o’ Twintail Love

A quick filler post on a few favorite twintails and the characters sporting them. I was thinking of going through the list of twintail characters from the Twintail Club over at My Anime List…but damn, that’s too many and too much time needed for a simple filler post. And so, what I decided to do […]