The Metroid Retrospective

This is a history lesson on Metroid:

Some of you may know that I’ve been watching the “Final Fantasy Retrospective” over at, well I’ve been doing some exploring of their websites and also found “Metroid Retrospective” and “Zelda Retrospective.” But unlike the “Final Fantasy Retrospective,” these series have already finished. Which makes it a bit easier for me to write this blog! ^_^Most of these were taken from, with a few modifications by me.


When Samus was a kid, she lived in a planet named K2L along with her family. Her father, along with other humans, mined the planet for a mineral named Afloraltite, an energy source. This was used by the Galactic Federation, which made up of different species, to keep peace in the universe. But the Space Pirates attacked ships and planets in order to have power and become the dominant species of the universe. The Space Pirates, led by Ridley, followed the Chozo around the universe and eventually found the Afloraltite mines of planet K2L. He then sent his pirates into the planet to steal this valuable energy source, destroying and killing everyone in the colony…leaving only Samus Aran, age 3, alive.

She was then found by the Chozo, a highly advanced an wise ancient race, who took Samus to planet Zebes. The Chozo infused some of their DNA into Samus because she wouldn’t be able to live in Zebes’ harsh environment without it. As she grew up, the Chozo decided to make her a worrior and help out the universe. They trained her and when she was ready, she was given the Power Suit, a highly advanced armor made by the Chozo. The Chozo sent Samus to the Space Federation so she could help them keep the peace in the Universe, and here comes the first game.

Metroid {Metroid: Zero Mission}

Samus was ordered by the Galactic Federation to return to Zebes, which has been overrun by Space Pirates. The Space Pirates have been reproducing the life-force sucking entity known as the Metroid, a really dangerous creation. The Chozo could read the future and saw their death from planet Zebes. They also foresaw Samus returning to the planet in order to help out. The Chozo knew that Samus would be too late and that they would be dead by the time she got there. So they created Chozo statues in order to help Samus in her mission of destroying Ridley, Kraid, and Mother Brain, rumored to be an exiled counselor for the Chozo. These statues had enhancements for the highly advance and powerful Power Suit that was given to Samus.

Once Samus destroyed Mother Brain and escaped the explosion of the lab, she took off her Power Suit to get a breather. But all of a sudden she was attacked by Space Pirates, making her crash land back into Zebes without her Power Suit. Defenseless and armed with just a pistol, Samus used her skills and made her way through the Space Pirate ship and eventually into the Chozo ruins, where she remembered her past and where a trial was awaiting her. Once she passed this trial, she was given another Power Suit. This suit help her defeat Mecha Ridley and escape the Space Pirate space ship. She then returned to the Space Federation to report.

Metroid Prime

While patroiling in her gunship, Samus recieved a distress call from a Space Pirate ship called Orpheon, orbiting a planet called Tallon IV. The crew of the Space Pirate ship has been killed by their own genetically modified species. When Samus killed the Parasite Queen, who feel into the reactor making the ship self-destruct, she was torn of her Power Suit enhancements due to an electrical surge while attempting to escape. While boarding her gunship, Samus saw Ridley fly toward Tallon IV, following him. Here she learned that there was a Chozo civilization and they had been destroyed by Phazon, the Chozo left the planet after sealing the source. She also learned that the Space Pirates are experimenting with this dangerous element. Now she has to stop the Space Pirates from using Phazon, a substance that corrupted the planed after a meteor hit. The Phazon is also responsible for destroying two world along with their civilizations. The Space Pirates, however, used this harmful element to mutate and create a biologically engineered army. Samus was able to put a stop this, with the help of yet again the future seing Chozo and their relics for Samus’ Power Suit. But that wasn’t the end, she has to destroy the source of Phazon of Tallon IV…Metroid Prime.

In order to do this, she has to collect twelve artifacts left by the Chozo. These artifacts opened a way in Impact Crater where the Chozo sealed Metroid Prime. Samus collected all the artifacts and made her way to destroy Metroid Prime. She destroyed Metroid Prime, but has it was dying, it sucked out the Phazon that Samus’ Suit was infected with and, unknown to Samus, became Dark Samus. Samus then escaped the planet and reports to the Galactic Federation. Soon they get another distress call…in telepathic form.

Metroid: Hunters

The Galactic Federation receive a strange telepathic message stating that the key to the “ultimate power” resides in the Alimbic solar system. The Federation commissions Samus Aran to investigate and retrieve (or neutralize) this power. Despite the efforts of the Galactic Federation to encrypt the message, six other bounty hunters picked on the broadcast, proceeding to the system to claim the power as their own.

Upon arrival to the system, Samus finds that the Alimbic society has long since been destroyed. Investigating the two planets and two space stations orbiting the Alimbic sun, she gradually pieces together the history of the race.

The Alimbics were a peaceful, spiritual, highly evolved society. Eventually, the Alimbic utopia was shattered when a meteor struck, and out of it emerged a monstrous creature that they would name Gorea. Gorea copied the cellular structure of the Alimbics, physically mimicking them and their weapons, and destroyed their civilization.

The dying act of the Alimbics was to seal Gorea away until another could destroy it. The entire race transformed themselves into focused telepathic energy, then confined Gorea into a “Seal Sphere” which they placed in a Starship called the Oubliette. The ship was launched into a dimensional rift called the Infinity Void, to be released only when eight keys called “Octoliths” were assembled.

Warding off the competing bounty hunters, Samus retrieves the eight Octoliths from the powerful automated defenses in the Alimbic Cluster, and opens the Infinity Void. Here, she and the other six hunters confront Gorea, who originated the telepathic message in an attempt to free itself. The beast absorbs the powers of all of Samus’ rivals. If Samus fulfills a prophecy by shooting triangles in a specific order with specific weapons, Gorea’s true form is revealed. Samus manages to defeat Gorea in the final showdown by using the Alimbic weapon called the “Omega Cannon,” the ultimate power alluded to in the beginning of the game. As she along with the other hunters evacuate the exploding Oubliette on their ships, three Alimbic spirits appear before a suitless Samus and honor her with a salute. However, if Samus fails to fulfill the prophecy, Oubliette will explode, but none of the hunters, including Samus, are seen escaping with their ships.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

The game takes place on the planet Aether, where a technologically advanced race of moth-like creatures, the Luminoth, have been harboring and protecting the natural energy of the planet, called the Light of Aether. A Phazon meteor struck the planet, dividing the planet and its energy into light and dark dimensions. This new dark world is home to the Ing, a race of dark, semi-liquid creatures that can inhabit the bodies of the living, the dead, and the Artificially-intelligent. They can also have bodies of their own. The Ing and Luminoth are locked in a bitter struggle for survival, as Aether’s planetary energy cannot support both worlds. The Ing so far have been the victors, taking the energy from three of Light Aether’s four temples.

On top of this, the Space Pirates had discovered the planet by luck, hoping to reap huge amounts of Phazon on the planet and to compensate for the loss on Tallon IV. A Galactic Federation Marine Corps ship intercepted a Space Pirate ship one week prior to start of the mission, which crash landed on Aether. The Marines landed to finish the Pirates off. Contact with the Marines was lost soon after. Samus Aran, who is sent in to investigate, meets and forms an alliance with U-Mos, the last active Luminoth. After defeating an Ing-possessed creature, she receives a container that allows her to harvest all the energy from the temples on the dark side of the planet. By bringing the energy back, Samus can dissolve the Dark world into the Light world. Finally, a reborn Metroid Prime, now known as Dark Samus, is present on the world. After absorbing Phazon from Samus’ Power Suit in Metroid Prime, she has gained power by mutating into the form of Samus’s Phazon Suit , which includes greatly upgraded, Phazon-powered weapon capabilities. She seems to have no firm objective other than to absorb Phazon, and will destroy anything in her path to get her hands on it, but she will often attack Samus or impede her progress through such actions as destroying passages and impeding her mission.

Samus though, finds way around this and eventually reaches the source, emperor Ing. Once she destroys emperor Ing, she has to escape the Dark World before it gets destroyed along with her in it! As she was running to the exit, she is confronted by Dark Samus. With time running out, Samus used all her skills and new weapons to destroy Dark Samus and successfully escpapes the Dark World! With the mission complete, Samus walks to her Gunship and flies off to go back to the Galactic Federation.

Metriod Prime 3: Corruption

After the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Galactic Federation contacts Samus Aran to investigate a malfunctioning network computer known as the Aurora Unit. The Federation believes the Space Pirates, their long-time enemies, have infected the Aurora Unit with a virus. Subsequently, the Space Pirates attack one of the Federation’s bases and begin to overrun the Federation’s defenses. Samus, along with other bounty hunters, must work together to fend off the siege, repair the Aurora Unit and defeat enemies from the past game.

Metroid II: Return of Samus

The Galactic Federation attempts to send teams to planet SR-388 to destroy the Metroids. When no teams returned, the Galactic Federation orders Samus to go to SR-388 and kill all the Metroids to ensure the events of Zebes would never happen again.

As she does so, she takes note of the steady mutation that each goes through, mutations which cause them to grow from small jellyfish-like creatures into massive, hovering lizard-like beasts.

Samus fights a final battle against the Metroid Queen. After defeating it, Samus begins to make her way to her ship. On the way, she happens upon a Metroid egg which hatches before her eyes. A tiny little Metroid hatchling floats out of the broken shell and imprints onto Samus as its mother. Unable to commit to her genocidal mission, Samus spares its life. The two continue exiting the tunnels, and the Metroid hatchling helps Samus escape the caverns. Samus and the young Metroid board the gunship and return to the Galactic Federation.

Super Metroid

After extinguishing the Metroids on their home planet of SR-388, bounty hunter Samus Aran brings the last surviving Metroid larva to the Ceres Space Colony. There, scientists conduct research on the larva and reach the conclusion that the powers of Metroids could be harnessed for the benefit of mankind. Confident that things are in order, Samus leaves Ceres in search of a new bounty to hunt. However, shortly after leaving, Samus picks up a distress call from Ceres and returns to investigate. As Samus explores the space colony, she is attacked by the dragon-like Ridley. Samus and Ridley engage in battle, but Ridley soon flies off with the larva in his talons. At the same time, a countdown sets off for the self-destruction of the space colony and Samus has 60 seconds to return to her gunship.

Samus follows Ridley to planet Zebes, the home of the Space Pirates. The base was destroyed in the first Metroid game, but has now been rebuilt. It should be noted that a whole section of Crateria, the first section of Zebes, looks like Tourian from the first game (dubbed Old Tourian), with Mother Brain’s old control chamber. She sets out to locate the Metroid larva and prevent the Pirates from gaining use of its powers. After defeating the four main bosses, Samus battles her way through Tourian, encountering newly bred Metroids. After passing through several corridors filled with crumbling enemies, she encounters a Metroid of incredible size. Before she can escape, the giant creature drains most of her life force. However, it seems to recognize Samus just in time; it appears that this huge Metroid is the larva taken from SR388. The huge Metroid is named “Super Metroid”.

After the Metroid departs, Samus recovers her energy and confronts Mother Brain. After Samus shatters the creature’s stasis tank and inflicts enough damage, Mother Brain attaches itself to a giant mechanical body and the battle begins again. During the battle, Mother Brain uses a massive burst of energy from its eye, nearly destroying Samus. Samus finds herself unable to move while Mother Brain charges up to finish her off. Before the final blow can be inflicted, however, the Super Metroid suddenly attacks Mother Brain, draining its energy until it appears dead. The Metroid then attaches itself to Samus and begins feeding its energy to her. However, Mother Brain soon recovers and begins firing upon the hatchling, weakening it until it lifts off of Samus. A final shot destroys the hatchling, leaving its remains to fall upon Samus.

Pulsating with light, Samus now finds that she possesses the Hyper Beam, an incredibly powerful weapon that has replaced her other beams. With it, she easily destroys Mother Brain, who falls to the floor and turns to dust. This in turn triggers a self-destruct sequence, giving Samus a mere three minutes to escape through the emergency evacuation shaft of the original base. Along the way, Samus rescues several Etecoons and a Dachora, then she makes it to her gunship just in time and takes off, watching the planet explode in a flash of light.

Metroid Fusion

While exploring Zebes along with scientist from the Galactic Federation, Samus gets infected with an X parasite. {Metroids were created by the Chozo to prevent the spread of the X parasite. The word “Metroid” means “Ultimate Warrior” in the Chozo language, suggesting that there may have been other reasons for their creation as well.} The infected Samus was treated with Metroid DNA. The DNA from the Metroid she found on SR-388. Her Power Suit changed due to the infected part being taken off.

She was then given the mission to go to the Biologic Space Laboratories.

Samus Aran must explore an artificially maintained habitats on board a space station run by Biologic Space Laboratories or BSL, which, along with Samus, has been infected with a parasitoid species known as the X Parasites, or simply the X. She must re-gather her special abilities and her weapons she has lost (however she still has his power grip and power beam), as well as some new ones, to neutralize the threat to the station. Along the way she encounters various obstacles and enemies, including a highly dangerous X Parasite which acts as the main antagonist, the SA-X, which is mimicking Samus and her Power Suit.

Samus is in constant contact with her Galactic Federation “employers” by way of an intelligent computer, her commanding officer. This computer, which she names “Adam” in honor of her former CO, gives Samus a series of objectives throughout the mission, and is capable of locking and unlocking doors and hatches to ensure she achieves her objectives before she can progress. These include acquiring powerups, defeating enemies, and reaching certain areas. However, these objectives usually require a solution that is not immediately obvious, making her explore and experiment with the environment.

Samus spends most of the mission being stalked by the SA-X, which appears unexpectedly in various locations, and Samus, who is much weaker than the SA-X due to her having the Fusion Suit and the SA-X mimicking her and her Power Suit, must either hide or escape until she is powerful enough to defeat it.

All of the creatures in the game are actually X parasites mimicking other lifeforms. Creatures are usually reduced to floating X cells when they are destroyed. Samus can absorb these to replenish her lost energy and missiles. However, if Samus does not absorb them, they can re-form into new enemies or disappear entirely. Some monsters can also absorb additional X parasites, evolving into newer, more powerful forms.

Adam was Samus Aran’s commanding officer during one of her assignments with the Galactic Federation. Little is known about this mission or about Adam himself, but Samus seems to have great respect for him. At some time during this mission, Adam died in order to save Samus. She stated that Adam called her “Lady” on her missions and if any one else had said it, it would have sounded sarcastic, whereas from him, it was respectful.

Unbeknownst to the bounty hunter, Adam’s mind was uploaded into a computer following his death, but most likely does not remember anything of Adam. At the beginning of the mission, Samus is given a computer CO. She is not aware that the computer’s artificial intelligence was in fact Adam Malkovich’s digitized mind. Because of the similarities she noticed between the computer and her former CO, she started privately referring to the computer as “Adam.”

Later, when Samus questions her official orders and accidentally addresses the computer as “Adam”, her old CO reveals himself and helps Samus devise a plan to destroy the X-infected research station by directing it to come into contact with SR-388, thereby extinguishing the threat posed to the universe by the X Parasites.

Samus’ fate after these events is unknown, as well as how the Galactic Federation now perceives her – still as an asset, or an unpredictable new threat.

End of the Metroid Saga {?}

Wow that was a lot!! It took me like 3 days to finish this!!

Out of all the Metroid games, I gotta say that Super Metroid is the best so far. It was the creepies and longest game in the series. Also, I remember playing this and being scared…a good kind of scare. Like when you get into a boss’ lair and the BGM changes instantly to something that excites you. And with the wailing/screeching of the monster when you hit it just made it that much enjoyable. Especially the final battle. Through the whole battle my heart was racing and thumping. Only to race faster when the Metroid started sucking the life out off Mother Brain, making her screech so bad that it made me that much more pumped up!! And when you hit her with the Hyper Beam and made her head bounce back and fort was icing on the cake!! It was such a great experiance.

With Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2, most of the feeling is because of the claustrophobic feeling I get. Being in the corridors and not being able to see what’s behind me raised more fear. But it wasn’t like the excitement educing feeling that Super Metroid gave me. Metroid Prime and Metroin Prime 2 were good games though…Now I MUST play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption…but before that, I need a Wii :(

Anyway, I’m going back and play Super Metroid again!! Hope you enjoyed the history of Metriod! See ya!!

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