SaiMoe 2009 – Hamster Win

/me felt too lazy to edit image Hahaha, I did this last year, I’ll do it this year too! Congratulations to Nishizawa Ayumu for winner her round! Though to be serious, I though Hajime from Saki was gonna take the win…which I wouldn’t mind if Hamster lost to, Hajime is pretty damn cute, I know […]

Suisei’s Birthday~!!

It has been one year since my mascot Suisei was born! Technically, she was “born” August 2nd, but by the time she was only a concept and wasn’t really Suisei until I adopted her into Deciphered Melody and made her the Mascot! So today, August 21 is Suisei’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUISEI~<3! \(^_^)/